10 things you must not miss

London’s big, London’s cool and London’s just fantastic. And because there’s so much to discover in this unique city, we’ve been asking around the Austrian Community for a few pointers. So here are 10 things you’ve just got to do when staying in the World’s Greatest City!


1. Do breakfast at Dishoom

Welcome to Mumbai – at the very heart of London! A unique ambience harking back to another century, attentive service and excellent Indian food – expect all this and more at Dishoom in Covent Garden . The restaurant can be found at three locations in London, each of which is eye candy in its own right. If you do want to give Dishoom a try, however, then bear in mind that you’re far from alone: you can’t make reservations here (or only for tables for 6 or more), so factor in waiting times of up to an hour – especially in the evening. But it’s well worth the wait – take our word for it! 😉

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Enjoying the outdoors, indoors.

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2. Go shopping in Covent Garden

What would London be without an extended day’s shopping? Quite. 😉 And that’s why, once you’ve finished your breakfast at Dishoom, stay right where you are: in Covent Garden . This is also where the famous Covent Garden Market – a former fruit and vegetable market where food, jewellery and clothes are now sold. At the centre of the market is the so-called Apple Market , where you can buy great stuff including ceramics, clothing and arts and crafts . The only rule here is: jump into the crowd, and rummage, rummage, rummage!

London Covent Garden

Covent Garden Market ©

3. Have a coffee at Sketch

Shopping makes you tired. That’s something fashion blogger Leonie-Rachel knows all too well. Which is why you’re often best to take a coffee break halfway through – and the best place to do so is at Sketch . You’ll find unusual design here, perfection down to the very last detail, and wonderful desserts. Sketch is a French café with a special concept: it has a range of different rooms, each with a different design and ambience. A place you have to have seen.

4. Take a stroll in Kew Gardens

Relax, take a stroll and enjoy the wonderfully beautiful surroundings in one of the world’s oldest botanic gardens: Kew Gardens . We don’t want to waste too many words here: this is just somewhere you need to see for yourself.

London Kew Gardens


5. Take a tour of the Globe

At the Globe Theatre , you can experience one of the most enjoyable tours in London with a bit of luck – as Austrian Airlines fan Eva told us. The Globe Theatre, a.k.a. Shakespeare’s Globe , is a reconstruction of the famous theatre where William Shakespeare’s plays where performed . Like the original, the Globe is an open-air theatre: here, too, the audience sits outdoors, in the theatre’s inner courtyard.

London Globe Theatre

Globe Theatre

London Globe Theatre

Globe Theatre

London Globe Theatre

Globe Theatre

6. At home with Sherlock Holmes

Just round the corner from Madame Tussauds , you’ll find a small (but perfectly-formed) Sherlock Holmes Museum . Here, you can take a highly personal look through the rooms of Holmes’ home, rediscovering many of his old cases along the way. There’s also a great shop to look around for fans of the cinema films or series.

London Sherlock Holmes Museum

Sherlock Holmes Museum

London Sherlock Holmes Museum

Sherlock Holmes Museum

London Sherlock Holmes Museum

Sherlock Holmes Museum

7. Have dinner at the Grain Store

Vegetables play the starring role here: at the Grain Store , the menu is just as original as the facility. For Austrian Airlines fan Alexandra , the Grain Store is an absolute must on any trip to London. The focus is on unusual vegetarian dishes , although there’s also plenty to be had for fish and meat lovers. The restaurant has a terrace and its own bar, making it a great place to while away the hours.

8. Go to a concert at the Roundhouse

The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix are just some of the many artists who have rocked this extraordinary concert hall over the years. The Roundhouse is one of the most famous venues for rock concerts in London. Located in the artists’ district of Camden , it’s also home to the iTunes Festival every year. To find other great concert locations throughout Europe, by the way, click here . Let’s rock!

9. Fish’n’Chips

Like it old-school and authentic? Then visit Masters Super Fish . This tip came from blogger and Austrian Airlines fan Leonie . This was where she first tried fish ‘n’ chips – something she’s never regretted. Gigantic portions and reasonable prices make this local an absolute must-see. To read Leonie’s story in full, click here .

10. Enjoy a beer at Blues Kitchen

Blues, beer and a good feeling: bring your day to a close with an evening at the Blues Kitchen in Camden or Shoreditch. You can hear live music here every night, first and foremost Blues, of course. A really cool pub – as Austrian Airlines fan Verena , who gave us this tip, will tell you. There’s also plenty here to keep the music-lovers’ stomachs satisfied – and they like their portions good and solid at Blues Kitchen. Enjoy!

Fancy a bit of London? Then book your flight here right now, and tell us what you got up to! 😉

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