The Perfect Outfit for a Long-Haul Flight

The Perfect Outfit for a Long-Haul Flight | Editor: Florian Lieke

Below we've got some tips on the perfect travel outfit for you, a million miles away from the unfashionable jogging suit. Comfortable and chic: this is how it works!

The perfect outfit for a long-haul flight
View of Austrian Airlines Sneakers PUMA Limited Editions

1. Comfortable Shoes

Let's start with your feet! They want to be comfortable, and above all warm, during a long flight, too! So, get hold of some comfortable, and above all flat, shoes you can slip in and out of now and then. At some security checks around the world, you have to take off your shoes every time you go through the scan. For this reason, you shouldn't go without socks - or have a pair close to hand in your luggage, at least.


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2. Chinos, Jeggins, Cloth Pants

There are trousers and there are trousers… Some of these undoubtedly fall into the category of tight and uncomfortable - you should do without these on long-haul flights. But you don't have to be wearing the complete opposite either - the jogging bottoms - to travel by air just as comfortably as if you were sitting at home on the sofa. So, if you're expecting a flight time of several hours, it's better to choose chinos, jeggings and cloth trousers.

Man wearing Chinos
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3. Onion Look

The onion look! In between your trip out to the airport, check-in, boarding, the flight, picking up your luggage and actually arriving at your long-awaited destination, you may be looking not just at many hours of travel, but also a variety of climate zones, ranging from damp-hot through to very cold. That's why you can help yourselves with the "onion look", in the shape of a comfortable, longer T-shirt, a cardigan over it, and another jumper in your hand luggage in case of emergencies. On top of all that, we recommend you pack a large scarf as well, which will not only keep your neck warm, but can also be used as a blanket. Whatever you do, leave anything at home that pinches or is too tight!


Insider tip from our flight attendants: Ruanas! In our Jetshop you can purchase them in different colors.

4. Second Outfit

Travelling can be also stressful, yes - but if you pack well, you'll arrive refreshed. That's why an outfit to change into should definitely be part of your hand luggage. If you want to be particularly economical with space in achieving this, you should simply roll up the items of clothing. Furthermore, take another small container with you - no larger than 100 ml - and fill it with refreshing and moisturising facial spray, which can be refilled regularly during your trip.

View of hand luggage and Laptop
High-quality headphones of Swiss Peak from Austrian Jetshop

5. Noise Cancelling Headphones

For entertainment above the clouds, we recommend you to immerse yourselves in the world of music. Still looking for the right playlist? If so, check out our Charming Austria Playlist. Furthermore, Noise Cancelling Headphones ensure an extra portion of relaxation and are available to travellers in our Premium Economy Class and Business Class.


Buckle up, turn on the music and let go! Among many other things you can buy the high-quality headphones of Swiss Peak in our Jetshop.

6. Appropriate Hand Luggage

When packing, of course, it's also important how heavy (and large) your luggage is allowed to be: for Economy Class and Premium Economy Class, you can take a suitcase, backpack or bag weighing a maximum of 8 kg on board with you. In Business Class, you can even take two! These pieces of luggage must not exceed 55 x 40 x 23 cm in size, however. For more detailed information and exceptions, click here.


Looking for an optimal hand luggage? The "businesswheeler" from our Jetshop would be the ideal travel companion.

Businesswheeler from Austrian Jetshop

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As you can see, you don't actually need all the hocus-pocus to arrive comfortable and relaxed after a long-haul flight. What are your personal tips for long flights? Share them with us on Facebook and Instagram! If you think you might be ready to travel around the world, you'll find the flights that are right for you by clicking here:

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