Dive in the Maldives with our flight attendant Julia

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Today, flight attendant Julia takes us on a dive in the Maldives. The experienced Rescue Diver shares her tips with us - ideal for anyone who loves diving or would like to give it a try.


Diving tips from flight attendant Julia

I am Julia, 35 years old and come from Burgenland. I have been working as a flight attendant for Austrian Airlines for ten years, flying Airbus and Boeing aircraft all over the world. My absolute dream destination is the Maldives. I lived there for some time and discovered my passion for diving. If you like diving or snorkeling, you will find a true paradise there.

How is diving organized on-site, what should one pay attention to? How does traveling with your own diving equipment work? What should you look for when choosing an island? In this blog article, I share my experiences with you.

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The feeling of weightlessness and freedom - the mixture of breathing and movement - all of this makes diving so unique for me.
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Already the landing approach is an experience in itself - a dreamlike postcard picture from the airplane window.

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Travel time for divers

The Maldives offer great highlights for divers all year round. However, from a diver's point of view, the months of December to April are the best time to travel due to the visibility and stable weather. The famous whale sharks and manta rays can also be seen all year round in various atolls. However, the ideal time to observe these animals is in the plankton-rich summer, especially in Baa Atoll. In early autumn, they can be seen on the outer reefs of Ari Atoll. However, please be aware that visibility is much lower during this time due to the abundance of plankton. In addition, the monsoon can cause heavy rain showers in between.

My dream diving island

In December 2017, the new sister island of the well-known Reethi Beach Resort welcomed its guests for the first time and has been my favorite island ever since. The organic-oriented Luxury Resort is completely in line with my expectations. Peter, the resort manager, is known in the Maldives as an environmentalist, and this is reflected on the island. It is important that the resorts rely on their concepts to protect the environment and themselves and counteract the daily waste.


Participation in one of the conservation programs for turtle and manta recognition or coral reforestation is possible.

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Diving school on Reethi Faru

The diving instructors Robert and Patrick of the diving school Sea Explorer on Reethi Faru have more than 40 years of Maldives experience. They are a guarantee for good training and unforgettable underwater adventures. Small, professionally guided dive groups with a lot of background knowledge and the fantastic marine life of Raa Atoll, the year-round presence of manta rays - all this makes a big difference to other dive centres for me. Daily free and paid snorkeling tours are offered at the house reef.

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Just dive in for once

Do you want to enjoy weightlessness for the first time? Then the free trial dive is just right for you. The experienced crew will take care of your personal wishes and fears. Beginners can start diving every day and complete a course after four to five days with the Open Water Diver Brevet. For experienced divers, the diving school offers daily half-day trips with two dives as well as single trips - no matter if early morning, day trips or night dives. Do you have further questions? Then just write an e-mail.


Tip: I had a memorable experience during a night dive. At first, I was a little nervous, but you should try this adventure! You can again observe a completely different, unique underwater world at night.

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Take a trip

I also recommend a dive trip on the Dhoni, a Maldivian wooden boat. The trips out to the reefs within the atolls are sensational, and diving in channels and by reef walls on the outer reef is just spectacular! Within Raa Atoll are many sunken islands called Thilas. Because of the calmer waters, numerous dive spots are also suitable for snorkeling or beginners. The colorful marine life and plants have settled between rock overhangs, steep walls and caves. My favorite dive spot is "The Labyrinth", known for its canyons with numerous batfish.

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The feeling of weightlessness and freedom - the mixture of breathing and movement - all this makes diving so unique for me.
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More cool diving spots

  • North Male Atoll: Meeru Island Resort is a somewhat larger island with great beaches and its own house reef.
  • South Male Atoll: Embudu Village is a small, rather simple, but very idyllic and especially authentic island with real Maldivian flair. The house reef is also great!
  • Baa Atoll: Reethi Beach Resort is a medium-sized barefoot island with a fantastic house reef surrounded by uninhabited islands.
During my dives I am in harmony with nature. I let myself fall and grow beyond myself.

Travel with diving equipment

If you take your diving equipment with you, it counts as sports baggage. If the free baggage allowance is exceeded, fees may apply depending on the sport. Please register your sports luggage in advance by phone or by filling out a form to guarantee that it will be taken along. Please note: luggage may not weigh more than 32 kg and may not exceed 3.15 m in length. As a diver, you are allowed to bring: one piece of luggage with an empty oxygen tank, one piece of luggage with diving goggles, a snorkel, a pair of fins, a diving suit, a BCD jacket, a regulator and a lamp (according to IATA DGR).

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7 tips for a sustainable vacation

  • Travel without leaving trash on-site - take your empty sunscreen and/or plastic bottles back home.
  • Keep a safe distance with regard to corals and fish. Proper behavior in the water is a must.
  • Do not touch shells or stones - these belong on the beach and are not souvenirs.
  • Actively pick up trash during beach walks.
  • Participate in a conservation program.
  • Be sure to use sustainable and coral-friendly sunscreen.
  • Do not feed the fish under any circumstances, it is not good for them.

With Austrian to the Maldives

Do you want to get to know a completely different world? Then book the next flight to the Maldives and dive into the dreamlike underwater world! Maybe we will see each other - either underwater or onboard. 😊


Are you looking for more tips and information about the Maldives? Then take a look here as well.

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