a musical city which wrote history

If you love great music, this is one city you simply have to experience at least once before you die. A place which went from being the world’s first industrial powerhouse to a groundbreaking musical metropolis. A city that’s as tough as old boots, with mesmerising beats to die for and enough crazy memories to fill Old Trafford: Manchester!


Manchester: from Workshop of the World to Madchester

Manchester : street after street of red-brick workers’ cottages and factories, more music than London and Liverpool put together, and lots of mad memories. The canals criss-crossing the self-appointed capital of northern England are a reminder of the time when Manchester wasn’t about music so much as cotton. In the mid-nineteenth century, Manchester exploded to become the world’s largest centre of cotton processing and trade – something like 60 percent of the world’s cotton needs were spun in the city. The banks of those canals groaned with the weight of mills, factories and warehouses, now home to plush offices and loft apartments.

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It’s not all about cotton, though; Manchester’s gift to the modern world has been one thing above all others: music . As the home town for dozens of bands – Oasis, Simply Red, Chemical Brothers, Happy Mondays, Take That and New Order to name but a few – the city’s famously dark humour metamorphosised into a very special lyrical tradition in recent decades. If London is New York, then Manchester is Detroit. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, Madchester became the breeding ground for a musical direction that combined guitar pop with psychedelica, funk and a mesmerising clubby dance beat to produce something entirely new. Bands like the Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses and The Inspiral Carpets were instrumental in creating the new sound, and the infamous Hacienda nightclub became legendary during this period as the centre of the scene, which rapidly developed into an entire subculture.

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Music & Manchester: what you’d be mad to miss

Northern Quarter

Manchester’s place to be: the Northern Quarter is the trendiest district in the city! Art, culture and an alternative scene – you’ll find cool designer stores here alongside second-hand record shops where you can spend happy hours looking for old vinyl. Even more important for music fans, however, are the area’s countless nightclubs, jazz bars and independent bars.


Oasis and The Verve appeared here before they were famous – the legendary Roadhouse ! There are still live concerts by local newcomers on every night – check out the website to be inspired, and maybe – just maybe – you’ll find yourself listening to the next Liam Gallagher or Morrissey! 😉

Fac 51 Music Walk

Musik & Manchester compact – in just 2 hours: the Fac 51 Music Walk lets you take a journey through time, visiting the most important venues in the musical life of Manchester along the way. You can immerse yourself in history for 2 hours and find out why the city is so addictive for musicians and music fans alike.

Night & Day

Ask anyone from England, from the bin man down to the Queen, and they will have heard of Night & Day on Oldham Street. You can catch local bands here more or less every night. A total must amongst live clubs in Manchester!

The Deaf Institute

The Deaf Institute is in the city’s University District , and as the name suggests, used to be an institution for the deaf and hard of hearing. Today the building is beautifully decorated, and it offers music events well worth seeing and hearing year-round.

Band on the Wall

A legendary location for jazz and world music: Band on the Wall is just on the edge of the trendy Northern Quarter district. International stars regularly appear here, with Björk and Simply Red just some of the names to have played. The location was completely renovated ten years ago – so be sure to check it out and experience the feel with your own eyes!

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Experience Manchester now!

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