An A to Z of Miles & More

An A to Z of Miles & More | Editor: Florian Lieke

What exactly is the Miles & More programme? If you have ever asked yourself this question before, you will now find the answers here.


A - Austrian Airlines

Austrian has been a member of Miles & More since 2000. You can earn and redeem miles with Star Alliance partners and other Miles & More partner airlines. There are more than 40 of these airlines in total.

B - Benefits

Depending on your frequent flyer status, the Miles & More programme offers a range of different benefits for members. Examples include preferential treatment on waitlists, preferential check-in service, preferential treatment of baggage and greater baggage allowance, and access to airport lounges worldwide.

C - Calculator

How many miles will I earn for my Economy Class flight to Bangkok? How many for my flight to Berlin? All these questions and more can be answered quickly and easily using the mileage calculator.

C - Check-in

Depending on what status level you have, you receive benefits when checking in at the airport. That means you can enjoy shorter waiting times, make use of priority zones and much more besides.

C - Credit

Miles you have earned are automatically credited to your mileage account when you present your card. Should this ever not be case, mileage can also be credited retrospectively if you let us know within six months. To do this, please be absolutely sure to keep hold of the receipts for any flights you want credited.

C - Credit Card

If you combine your credit card with Miles & More, every day you go shopping is turned into a day you are earning miles, and every euro you spend is immediately turned into a mileage point. Furthermore, your miles remain valid for an unlimited period of time, and do not expire after 36 months.

F - Flight Awards

Flights can be purchased with flight awards. This website tells you how many award points you require for which flight.

G - Ground

Miles can be earned not just in the air, but also with Miles & More partners based on the ground. That means hotels, car rental companies, taxi firms and many more. In total, this includes 250 partner companies.

I - Information

Any information about the programme, the latest offers and personal mileage data can be pulled up on the Miles & More website at any time.

L - Lufthansa

Lufthansa founded Miles & More in 1993. Today, it is the largest and most successful frequent flyer programme in Europe, with several million members.

M - Miles

There are three different types of miles. You can distinguish between:

  • Status miles: these define your frequent flyer status, and can only be earned on Star Alliance flights.
  • Award miles: these miles can be used to shop, and earned with all Miles & More partners.

M - Mobile

Simply download the Miles & More App and use the many advantages on your mobile phone. Offers that are specially tailored to your needs await you. Simply collect miles and redeem them, because your service card is always digital with you. By the way, there are 500 miles for the first log-in in the app.

N - Newsletter

The Miles & More Newsletter offers all the latest offers at a glance, and is sent out every month. You are also credited with 500 miles when you first subscribe.

P - Partners

Miles & More has numerous partners where miles can be earned and redeemed. These include more than 40 partner airlines, hotels, tour operators and car rental companies. There are also numerous partners from other sectors. You can find an overview by clicking here.

R - Registration

Not a member of the Miles & More programme yet? Registering for the programme is quick and easy. Just complete the form on the Miles & More website and start earning miles by using the temporary paper card.

S - Status Level

The status of frequent flyers depends on how many miles they have earned. The more miles are earned, the higher the status and the more benefits can be used. We distinguish between Frequent Traveler, Senator and HON Circle Members.

T - Terms & Conditions

Here’s where you can find all the Terms and Conditions of Participation in the Miles & More programme in quick, easy-to-read form. So take a look and register right now!

W - Worldwide

The Miles & More programme has partners worldwide. To see who and where they are, check out this overview.

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