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A recent Spotify survey showed that “Someone Like You” by Adele is the perfect song for a relaxed flight. But we all know that tastes differ, and that applies to music too, of course. Today, some myAustrian fans reveal exactly which songs they like to take with them when they’re on the road.


Julia thinks every trip needs its own personal soundtrack:

“Music makes everything more intense. Sensations and experiences really only get take on their real ‘colouring’ when mixed with the right music. That’s why my most intense memories of travel are always linked to music and very special songs as well. That’s why, during my time in Italy, in a lonely country house outside Monterano, bands like the Lumineers, Kings of Leon, Hozier, Bon Iver and Bombay Bicycle Club were mainly coupled with cicadas and accompanied by the snorts of horses. In my memory, the songs of these bands have made these moments more perfect still. Whenever I listen to them, I’m back there again. Every trip has its own ‘soundtrack’ – a kind of anchor, which brings back those memories and takes me on a little journey with it once again.”

The Austrian duo Cari Cari have spent the last three years on the road – always searching for the interesting, the unseen and unheard:

“Our last single emerged between London, Melbourne, Hamburg and Tokyo. That’s why we feel inspired every time we board an aircraft. A long-haul flight is like a road trip. Sunshade up, Pulp Fiction soundtrack on, and off into the sunset.”

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Dani attaches importance to the right mix for every situation and mood:

“A journey, a playlist for every eventuality: When I’m travelling, I can never travel without the right music, and sometimes I just have to let the emotions out too. That’s why, when I prepared a playlist for my world trip, it also included something to suit every life situation and emotion, happiness and the desire for discovery, fear and tears, drinks and lonely islands. The road trip, far more than 500 miles through the South African Karoo, with Iggy and Joni, Patti and Joan, Conor, Beyoncé and Madonna. The safari to the soundtrack of “Lion King”. Hostel nights on Sri Lanka, and One Direction. The Doors and Nick Cave on the night bus in Australia.

Then my emotional grande finale on the flight back to Vienna: the live version of Billy Joel’s “Vienna”, followed by Leonard Cohen’s “Take this Waltz”. “Home” by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. A few tears, occasionally, and “The Blue Danube” for the approach flight over Vienna . Just as kitsch as the view out the window. Just as kitsch as coming home. And by the way: There’s room for Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” and Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” on any playlist. Every one.”

Günter sometimes discovers new worlds through 400 years of old music:

“When travelling, I like my music the same way I like travelling itself: as diverse as possible, and as heavy with atmosphere as I can bear. These always include the tone colours of the place I’m travelling to. For my last trip to South America, that was primarily the Austrian Christina Pluhar, with her international ensemble L’Arpeggiata, and the programme “Los pajaros perdidos”. I also love to have Sigur Rós with me for those impressive moments, in the same way as I do a great deal of opera by Mozart & Händel.

I get through the countless hours I spend travelling with the Baroque programmes of Joyce DiDonato and Simone Kermes. Sometimes it overcomes me, and I definitely need Granada and the desire for home and dialect associated with it . And for the most intimate moments, I need Monteverdi. This intimacy of 400 years of old music even activates the ‘cinema within my head’ during dull hours on coaches. And that’s how the journey really begins while travelling.”

Viki loves singing along to feel-good songs:

“When I’m travelling, the music I listen to just has to put me in a good mood. When I’m travelling together with friends, I love singing along to songs like “Summer of 69”, “Summer in the City”, “I Want to Break Free” and “Don’t Stop Believin’” – mostly to the chagrin of my fellow travellers. 😉 On the aircraft, I rely on Eros Ramazzotti’s range of songs. These just have to include “Se bastasse una canzione” and “Un Emozione per Sempre”, obviously. Even though I travel a great deal, I often have to battle with homesickness. So what do I fill my ears with when I do? Andreas Gabalier up and down!”

Classical music puts Bernhard in the mood to get out on the road:

“For me, flights to the USA are always very special. I’ve lived and worked in New York and San Francisco. Flying to the USA has rarely left me cold. It would be clichéd of me, of course, to say that hearing Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9, “From the New World”, especially during these approach flights, increases this mood of optimism and departure. What could be better for an entrepreneur in classical music than hearing such intense music en route to Silicon Valley? And then the unrivalled view of the Manhattan skyline or Rocky Mountains, and then the Bay in California. When music, the view and entrepreneurial vision come together, it produces a power which doesn’t just take you from A to B, but also helps your dreams and visions to take off successfully, then brings them safely back to earth .”

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Alex uses his time on the aircraft to listen to whole albums:

“That undisturbed time, without calls and e-mails coming in, is a luxury, and perfect for the album format. Engaging in an entire work, without just skipping to your favourite songs, often creates new favourites for me. Since I like travelling to concerts in Europe’s loveliest cities , I usually have the complete works of the band I’m going to see on the programme. Those playlists are soon going to need an update, however: I’ll be taking my first flight with my young daughter before long, so I’ll definitely need the soundtrack to the Jungle Book! Our slogan: try it with Gemütlichkeit – a little Austrian warmth .”

Thanks to all of you for your stories! We recommend – after the Blue Danube Waltz, of course – is this playlist full of songs from Austria : Travelling with tunes from Austria.

With myAustrian FlyNet , by the way, you can use WLAN on board on our short- and medium-haul flights, and stream your favourite songs high above the clouds as well.

Which music will you listen to on your next flight? Nothing planned yet? It’s about time:

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