On a Love Course With Austrian Airlines

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On board of Austrian, many of our guests have looked into each other's eyes in love, because traveling together is simply twice as much fun - whether through life together or to another country.

Love is in the air ...

Say "YES" above the clouds

In 2016, Jürgen and Austrian had planned something very special for his Natalie. An elaborate plan was forged so that Natalie would not suspect anything. The bride-to-be thought she was traveling with her business partner abroad. It was cleverly arranged for Jürgen to surprise his Natalie with a marriage proposal on board high above the clouds. And even then marry her during the flight. Family and friends were involved and also flew along. There were also rings, a wedding dress, singers and music, and a camera crew secretly on board. The boarding of the plane was carefully coordinated so that Natalie would not accidentally meet her sweetheart or family members at the gate or during boarding.

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Everything well prepared.


Sweet hearts for our passengers.

Here you go to the wedding above the clouds

Above the clouds you are simply closer to Cupid...

Something particularly romantic took place on our Austrian flight OS 224 from Berlin to Vienna. At an altitude of 40,000 feet (approx. 12 km), Peter summoned up all his courage and asked his girlfriend Nina by means of an in-flight announcement whether she would like to become his wife.

I am gonna get married ...

Natalie and Josi were on their way from Vienna to Cancún with their family and closest friends for their beach wedding. A little bird had twittered to our crew about the joyful event. After the main service, the bride and groom-to-be were surprised by our crew with a special onboard announcement and champagne for the entire honeymoon group.

Special in-flight announcement

"We are taking off today to Cancún with Natalie and Josi on board and flying with them towards the adventure of marriage. We wish you all the best and good luck on your marriage and your life journey together!"

Magic moments ...

The newlyweds Sven and Frederik had a special wish for their trip home to Amsterdam. Our Austrian Pilot Felix, a school friend of the couple at that time, was supposed to fly them home. We were very happy to fulfill this wish.

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Are you already on cloud nine? Do you want to know more love stories and romantic stories? Then check out our Rhodes blog, where you'll get great honeymoon tips. Or if you feel like traveling with your favorite person, then book your next flight with Austrian Airlines right here.

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