Our Top 7 Highlights in Mauritius

Our Top 7 Highlights in Mauritius | Editor: Florian Lieke

The dream island of Mauritius stands for relaxation, paradisiacal beaches and lots of sun. We reveal our top 7 highlights.

View of the Macondé bay in Mauritius

Mauritius – A Role Model for Paradise

It is said that the first comparison with paradise came from Mark Twain. When he visited the island of Mauritius, east of Madagascar, in the 19th century, he is said to have written: "Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius." And he was probably right! Mauritius is a picture-perfect island: snow-white palm beaches, a turquoise sea, a dazzling underwater world, waving sugar cane fields, lush nature and, at the same time, a melting pot of religions and cultures that all live together peacefully. Therefore, we take you on a trip to Mauritius and reveal our highlights and must-sees.

1st Mauritius Highlight: Le Morne Brabant

At the south-western tip of the island, our first highlight can be found: the peninsula of Le Morne with the 556-metre-high Morne Brabant, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today, the Mountain stands symbolically for the liberation of slaves and is thus one of the most important sights of the island state. Those who like to get active on holiday, should consider a hike on or around Le Morne Brabant. The nature here is particularly beautiful and the view from the mountain is unique. At its foot, you will come across the white sandy beach, "Le Morne Beach", which is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Close to the shore, you will also find colourful coral reefs that invite you to go diving and snorkelling.

View of Le Morne Brabant
View of Le Morne Beach

2nd Mauritius Highlight: Sunset at Le Morne Beach

For our second highlight, we stay directly at the most beautiful beach of the island state. It's not without reason that Mauritius is considered a dream destination par excellence. You can discover 58 fantastic beaches on the island. Our favourite, Le Morne Beach, is particularly attractive – especially when the sun goes down. Just before the sun sinks into the sea, it envelops the mountain in a magical light. Thanks to the offshore reefs, the waves break high, so that for a split second they are penetrated by the golden sunlight and shine like turquoise gems. A highlight that you should not miss!

3rd Mauritius Highlight: Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden

Mauritius has greenery and blossoms in abundance. The unique flora can be discovered not only in nature during a hike, but also in the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden. The botanical garden is known for its large collection of tropical plants – from gigantic water lilies, such as the Victoria amazonica, to rare talipot palms or may lilies, which flower only once in sixty years and then die. In the middle of the botanical garden, you will also come across the historic Château de Mon Plaisir, an estate from the colonial era. From the porch, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Moka Range.

4th Mauritius Highlight: Domaine de L'Etoile Nature Reserve

Our next highlight is also green. The "green heart" of the island can be found in the east of Mauritius: tropical forests, magnificent green valleys and crystal-clear rivers. At the foot of the mountains – between Montagne Blanche and Kewal Nagar Belle Rive – lies the Domaine de l'Etoile Nature Reserve. You can observe a large variety of indigenous animals in the largest private nature reserve on the island. This paradise can be explored on foot, but also by fatbike, quad bike, jeep or horseback. If you dare, you can also slide through the area at high speed on ziplines.

Waterfall in the Domaine de L'Etoile Nature Reserve
View of the Seven Coloured Earths

5th Mauritius Highlight: Seven Coloured Earths

One of the main tourist attractions can be found in the southwest of the island, near the village of Chamarel. Here, you can observe an amazing natural phenomenon: the Seven Coloured Earths. Due to chemical reactions, the earth has blue, violet, brown or even blue-green hues. A natural wonder that is rare and definitely worth a visit. Of course, the earth is protected and may not be touched. The site was found like this and has never been changed ever since. Nevertheless, you can observe and admire the earth from up close. A highlight that you should definitely put on your list!

6th Mauritius Highlight: The Country and Its People

If you want to get to know the life of the friendly islanders better, you have several options to do so. One of them is an excursion to the lively capital Port Louis. A trip to the Central Market near the harbour is worthwhile, where locals buy fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry and spices, and where tourists can buy nice souvenirs. You should definitely try local specialities such as pineapple with salt and chilli. Philatelists and friends of colonial history will get their money's worth at the Blue Penny Museum. Among other things, you can marvel at the legendary Blue Post Office Stamp in its original form.

View of people in Port Louis

7th Mauritius Highlight: Île Aux Cerfs Island

A boat trip by catamaran always offers a special kind of experience – especially when visiting the small island of Île aux Cerfs, which is only a few kilometres away from Mauritius. The offshore island is one of the most popular excursion destinations because of its impressively beautiful beaches. As a result, numerous providers offer transfers by speedboat or catamaran from the small village of Trou au Douce in the east of the island. In addition, they also offer lunch or even a parasailing flight. For golfers, there is a special highlight on Île aux Cerfs: a spectacular 18-hole golf course designed by Bernhard Langer, which is considered almost perfect.

7 Closing Tips From Our Flight Attendants

  1. Plan at least 10 days in Mauritius
  2. Explore the real Mauritius by bike
  3. Look out for exotic animals
  4. Taste the island's typical cuisine at Wapalapam
  5. Enjoy the view from the summit cross of Le Morne Brabant
  6. Always wear bathing shoes in the water
  7. Don't forget your sunscreen
Palms in Mauritius

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