Paradisiacal Maldives

Dream, relax, submerge: Where else can you do this better than on the beautiful beaches of the Maldives? Come with us, we will show you a picture-perfect journey!

Malediven Austrian Airlines


#NoNewsNoShoes - This is the lifestyle the Maldives are known for. Let your soul dangle, with your feet in the fine sand and the sun on your face. There is no better place to take a break from everyday life than on these beautiful islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean. This particularly applies to holidaymakers who find the ideal conditions here in the turquoise water or on the white coral beach to just be and enjoy.


Seclusion, Robinson Crusoe feeling, endless space and silence in the middle of the turquoise ocean are the ingredients that makes the Maldives experience so special and unique. The white sandy beaches also have a particularly pleasant characteristic: due to their coral sand composition, they never get hot despite sunlight! Therefore, one of the most popular activities is the "island round trip", which for most islands does not last longer than 30 minutes!

Maledives Austrian Airlines
Malediven Austrian Airlines


Especially the luxury segment has grown significantly over the last few years. Meanwhile, every fourth of the approximately 100 hotel islands has specialised on luxury: Visitors can expect exquisitely appointed bungalows with private pools and spas. Of course, the stilt bungalows in the middle of the sea and their own bathing access are considered to be legendary!


For those who like it extraordinary, we recommend the notorious underwater restaurant "Ithaa" on Rangali, Ari Atoll.

Our tip: If you want to dine here between corals and shoals of fish, you should book at least 14 days in advance! If you want to stay there for a night, you will have to pay about $10.000. The restaurant will then be converted into a private underwater suite.

Malediven Austrian Airlines
Malediven Austrian Airlines


The Maldives are not just a true paradise to relax, but also for all snorkelers and divers. Among connoisseurs the Ari Atoll is considered to be particularly recommendable - for snorkelers as well as for divers. Here you can find hard and soft corals in all imaginable colours, enormous fish stocks and various species of rays and sharks. Basically, smaller resorts or hotel islands are recommended for divers. Snorkelers should pay special attention to the choice of a hotel with a good house reef.

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