Pure Romance:
Let’s Go To Mauritius!

The dream island of Mauritius has become a byword for luxury, honeymooners and – of course – total relaxation. The island in the Indian Ocean was recently crowned World’s Most Romantic Travel Destination, in fact. So we say… there’s no time like the present, let’s go! In this week’s blog, we’re going to be revealing our top highlights for a romantic trip on this unmistakeable island in the Indian Ocean.


#Sunset on the beach at Le Morne Brabant 

Mauritius is often described as the ultimate dream destination – and not without good reason. There are no fewer than 58 impossibly lovely beaches for you to discover on the island. By far the loveliest beach in Mauritius, though, is located at the foot of the 556 metre-high mountain Le Morne Brabant. Try to be there at sunset: just before the setting sun sinks below the waves, it envelops the mountain in a magical light. The waves break unusually high here thanks to the offshore reefs, ensuring that for just a fraction of a second, they are penetrated by golden sunlight, lighting up like turquoise precious stones.

#Botanical Garden at Pamplemousses

Mauritius is home to a vast range of different tropical plants and flowers. This unique plant world can be explored not just out amongst nature herself – on a hike, for instance – but also at the island’s Botanical Garden at Pamplemousses. The gardens are famous the world over for their huge collection of tropical plants, with examples ranging from giant water lilies such as Victoria amazonica through to the rare Talipot or shady palms, condemned to bloom just once every sixty years, then die a few months later as a result.

The heart of the Botanical Garden, however, is the historic Château de Mon Plaisir, a building dating back to the colonial era. From the veranda, you can enjoy the amazing view of the Moka Range of mountains.

#L’Étoile Nature Park

The island’s “green heart” is actually to be found on its eastern side, and includes tropical forests, lush green valleys and crystal-clear rivers. Domaine de l’Étoile nature park lies at the foot of the mountain range, between Montagne Blanche and Kewal Nagar Belle Rive. A wide variety of endemic animal species can be observed in what is the island’s largest private nature reserve. You can explore this natural paradise very much in your time not just on foot, but also by fat bike, quad, jeep or on horseback. And if you dare, you can even fly through the jungle air at breathtaking speed using ziplines!

#Mauritius exclusive: Île aux Cerfs island

The tiny island of Île aux Cerfs is just 20 minutes’ boat ride away from Mauritius, and home to dream beaches of untouched white sand, charming restaurants, water sports and a turtle reserve. And should you want to get an aerial view of all that too, we recommend you book a helicopter flight. This includes a tropical lunch for two on the sandy beach, surrounded by an authentic ambience of peace and beauty. Could it be more romantic?

#The neighbouring island – Rodrigues

Rodrigues, “little sister” of Mauritius, is a real insider tip: this neighbouring island, located to the north-east of the Mauritius itself, is subject to strict nature conservation laws – which also means hardly any cars! Here are our highlights of a trip to Rodrigues: be sure to admire the colourful shoals of fish while snorkelling, then relax with a good book afterwards.

The island in the Indian Ocean is wide and diverse, and offers enormous variety, particularly for the turtle lovers amongst you.

Mauritius Austrian Airlines

#Tips from flight attendant Flora

Our colleague Flora is a paid-up member of the Mauritius fan club. Here, she reveals why the island is one of her favourite destinations and which places you definitely have to visit.

Unique variety

What I love most is the island’s variety, with its white sandy beaches, lagoons with clear, turquoise water, thick forests and rolling hills inland. Its nature at its most colourful and fascinating - a true paradise.


Mauritius has plenty to offer on the culinary front. I love going to Wapalapam, an ‘island eatery’ serving typical Mauritian dishes. Incidentally, the head chef is an Austrian who moved to Mauritius almost ten years ago. I’d definitely recommend the chili prawns with papaya salsa - simply delicious!

The south of the island

You should certainly visit the southern and southwestern parts of Mauritius. Le Morne Brabant, a mountain on the peninsula of the same name, is perfect for a hike - it will take you about an hour to get to the top. The best time to do it is at sunrise, when the views over the lagoon are absolutely breathtaking.

Mauritius Austrian Airlines

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