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Skiathos Holiday Tips | Editor: Florian Lieke

Would you like to experience the real and authentic Greece? Then Skiathos is the best place to go! Find out more in this article.

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For Whom Is Skiathos Suitable?

Even though Skiathos is one of the smaller islands in Greece, there is no shortage of offers and variety. The small island in the northwest of the Aegean Sea has something for everyone. With more than 50 paradisiacal beaches, Skiathos is especially recommended for bathing and beach holidaymakers. Although there are not as many hotel resorts as on Corfu, Crete or Rhodes, there are small family-run businesses that impress with charm. A holiday on Skiathos is also very suitable for families with children, as you will find a lot of shallow beaches on the island.. Those who prefer sports and activities are also in good hands here: hiking, cycling, diving, surfing or sailing - Skiathos offers the best conditions.

When Is the Best Time to Travel to Skiathos?

The Mediterranean climate and the mild temperatures of Greece are also reflected on the island of Skiathos. Especially during the summer months from May to September there are hardly any rainy days and the temperatures average around 27 degrees Celsius. Beach holidaymakers are in good hands in July and August, as the water also reaches a pleasant temperature. While spring and autumn are expected to be a little cooler, but still mild and pleasant, the sea is often too cold for swimming. However, you will meet significantly fewer tourists and you can enjoy the peace and idyll of the island to the fullest.

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Diamandi Beach Skiathos

Which Are the Most Beautiful Beaches on Skiathos?

Diamandi Beach Skiathos

There is definitely no lack of beautiful and paradisiacal beaches on Skiathos. Our first recommendation certainly belongs to these beaches and is located in the very south of the island. The Diamandi Beach fascinates with golden sand, an undeveloped panorama, lots of nature and light blue water. However, the way there is a bit steep and therefore not suitable for families with children or people with physical disabilities. Nevertheless, if you're looking for a more peaceful beach, Diamandi Beach is definitely the place to be.

Lalaria Beach Skiathos

Our next beach tip leads us across the island and up north to Lalaria Beach. The bay is probably one of the most extraordinary ones on the island, as it differs in some points from the rest. On the one hand, you will come across a beautiful and white pebble beach instead of a sandy beach. On the other hand, large stone cliffs and exciting rock caves await you here. Due to the stones, the water is particularly clear and invites you to dive, snorkel and swim. But beware: the beach is not accessible by car or foot, you can only get there by boat. However, there are plenty of local providers and Lalaria Beach is also very popular among tourists.

Lalaria Beach Skiathos

Xanemos Beach Skiathos

The beach of Xanemos in the northeast of the island is a true highlight and absolutely unique. Especially aviation fans love the beach, as you can watch the aircraft landings and take-offs very closely at this place. In addition, the bay also has a greyish stone beach, which you won't find a second time on the island. Xanemos Beach is definitely a must-see during your holiday on Skiathos!

Banana Beach Skiathos

Banana Beach Skiathos

The Banana Beach in the west of Skiathos is certainly one of the most popular and also liveliest beaches on the island. No wonder, as there are plenty of activities for young and old. From various water sport activities, such as surfing, diving or sailing, to entertainment programmes, bars, taverns and pubs - nobody will get bored on Banana Beach. The bay is especially suitable for families, but also for young adults who are looking for some action and company. Moreover, the shore is easier to reach than many other beaches on the island and you can also find various hotels and accommodations in the immediate vicinity.

Agistros Beach Skiathos

In the northwest of the island, you will find a more quiet and natural beach: Agistros Beach. The beach attracts with its shallow access to the sea, the many shades of blue of the water, a pine forest that surrounds the beach and provides shade, as well as some cosy cafés and beach bars. Even during the season the beach is rarely crowded and offers tranquility and relaxation. Those who want to reach the beach have to take a 15-minute walk through the pine forest from the car park. However, the path is flat, easily passable and shady. Therefore, the beach is easily accessible and suitable for everyone. Nevertheless, if you are looking for action and entertainment, the beach is not really the best place to go.

Agistros Beach Skiathos
The island's capital Skiathos Town

Which 3 Highlights Should One Have Seen on Skiathos?

The Island's Capital Skiathos Town

The island's capital Skiathos Town, or Chora, should not be missed when travelling to Skiathos. The town captivates with its extraordinary Mediterranean flair, its picture-perfect white houses with red stone roofs and scenic alleys that stretch over two hills. Furthermore, the island's capital attracts with direct access to the sea and pulsates both during the day and in the evening. Due to its beautiful terraces and taverns, the port of Chora is particularly popular and invites you to linger and stroll. Absolutely recommendable!

The Evangelistria Monastery

Skiathos is well-known for its numerous and well-preserved monasteries. One of them is particularly popular and worth seeing: the Evangelistria Monastery. It is the only active monastery on the island and is situated in the mountains, a few kilometres from the island's capital away. The history of the monastery dates back to the 18th century and it was one of the most important island monasteries in Greece at that time. Nowadays, the monastery is managed by a few monks and anyone interested in the history of the building can join a guided tour and can visit the museum located there.

The Evangelistria Monastery
The enchanted forest of Skiathos

The Enchanted Forest of Skiathos

At Skiathos, hiking is not just the miller's delight (passage from a German folk song), but also for anyone who feels the urge to take simple to more intensive hiking trails. Today, the island is one of the best organised hiking destinations in Greece and offers a wide range of natural diversity. One hiking trail is particularly special: trail 11 through the enchanted forest of Skiathos. The path is about 13 kilometres long and suitable for everyone, as there are no insurmountable gradients and paths. Those who decide for the hiking trail can look forward to wild and beautiful nature, gushing brooks and plenty of shade. At the end of the trail, you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the beach of Kechria.

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Stroll through the Mediterranean capital of Skiathos, experience the magic of the famous enchanted forest or just relax on one of the many beaches - a holiday on Skiathos has something for everyone and is definitely worthwhile! If you feel like travelling to the beautiful island, it's best to book your flights with Austrian Airlines right here:

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