A Special Flight to Innsbruck

20 years, 20 wishes: In September 2017, Austrian Airlines was able to fulfil a heartfelt wish for one inhabitant of a senior residence.

Mr. Wurzer at Vienna International Airport

© Georg Amschl

Winner of "20 Years, 20 Wishes": Herbert Wurzer

Herbert Wurzer is 80 years old and has been living in the senior residence "Am Kurpark Wien-Oberlaa" for several years now. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the senior residences, the inhabitants took part in a lottery and expressed their heartfelt wishes. Out of all the wishes, 20 winners were drawn - including Mr. Wurzer!

His wish: To get to know the other houses of the senior residences! Besides the residence in Wien-Oberlaa (a local congregation of Vienna), there are also residences in Innsbruck and Salzburg.

How did the day start?

A Special Flight to Innsbruck with Austrian Airlines

It all started on 5 September 2017. Wolfgang Giesswein, Marketing Manager at Austrian Airlines, accompanied Mr. Wurzer to the aircraft when he took off from Vienna.

Wolfgang Giesswein:

Mr. Wurzer, Mr. Georg Amschl - he is responsible for Communications & PR at the senior's residences - and I met at Vienna International Airport. After baggage check-in and security check, we grabbed a cup of coffee before heading to the gate at around nine o'clock.

Mr. Wurzer and Mr. Gießwein at Vienna International Airport

© Georg Amschl

How did the boarding process proceed for Mr. Wurzer?
Mr. Wurzer in one of our Mercedes limousines

© Georg Amschl

Take-Off with Austrian Airlines

Wolfgang Giesswein:

For a particularly pleasant boarding process, Mr. Wurzer took a seat in one of the seven Mercedes limousines provided by Mercedes Wiesenthal for the Austrian HON Circle transfers on the apron. After a short ride, we finally arrived at the aircraft.

How did Mr. Wurzer feel on the apron?

The Happiest Passenger on Board of Austrian Airlines

Wolfgang Giesswein:

Mr. Wurzer experienced the hectic but well organised hustle and bustle on the apron at first hand. He used the time to observe "his" aircraft from the outside.

The Dash 8-400 "Baden" took off for Innsbruck shortly after 10 o'clock and there is no doubt that Mr. Wurzer was the most excited and at the same time happiest passenger on this flight.

Mr. Wurzer and Mr. Gießwein at the airport apron

© Georg Amschl

How was the arrival for Mr Wurzer?
Mr. Wurzer in the cockpit of Austrian Airlines

© Georg Amschl

Arrival in Innsbruck

Wolfgang Giesswein:

After a smooth landing in Innsbruck, Mr. Wurzer was welcomed by the Austrian station team and was directly guided to the arrival area of Innsbruck Airport. An employee of the senior residence "Veldidena Park Innsbruck", where he stayed during his trip, was already waiting for him.

Discover the World of Flying with Austrian Airlines

The flight with Austrian Airlines was only the beginning of his journey. In the following days, Mr. Wurzer travelled via Salzburg back to Wien-Oberlaa. We are very happy that we could fulfill his heartfelt wish. Our greatest reward: an enthusiastic Mr. Wurzer!

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