Special Trip to Ushuaia with Austrian Airlines

Special Trip to Ushuaia with Austrian Airlines | Editor: Florian Lieke

Ushuaia - the southernmost city in the world. Flight attendant Andrea tells us more about the special Austrian Airlines flight to Ushuaia.

How did you find out about this special flight?

From Vienna via Rio de Janeiro to Ushuaia


I regularly and carefully monitor possible flights in our crew planning tool. When I discovered the flights to Ushuaia, I knew that I want to be a part of this flight! After all, it is not commonplace to travel to the "end of the world". Soon, my written application was on its way and I had to wait.

How did you prepare yourself for the adventure?
Austrian Airlines aircraft on the apron

Preparations for the Flight to Ushuaia


When I found out I was going to be part of the crew, I was very happy. Thereupon, I researched intensively on the internet and the more I studied the region of Tierra del Fuego and Ushuaia, the more I was looking forward to the flight. The whole crew had an intensive exchange of ideas in advance to coordinate the planning. Every single one of us worked intensively on our upcoming rotation so that we all became experts for Ushuaia and Rio de Janeiro very quickly.

Since there is a lot of "non-standard" happening on such special flights, I was glad that we had excellent managers on board, both in the cockpit and cabin. For months, we worked intensively on this flight. Shortly before the flight, there was a very active exchange of information between the cockpit and cabin crew. Thus, we were able to solve obstacles very quickly. Altogether, we were the perfect team for Ushuaia, which was pretty clear throughout the whole rotation and journey.

Austrian Airlines Boeing 777 in the air
What were your highlights?
Austrian Airlines Crew in front of the Boeing 777 in Ushuaia

Highlights During the Journey to Ushuaia


Clearly the great collaboration of the entire crew. It was great to experience this kind of special teamwork. Whether it was putting on the pads or changing our catering containers, everyone was on the spot whenever there was something to do. We knew in advance that the time was limited. Thanks to our commitment and the great support of our station colleagues on site, we managed to get our B777 ready for take-off even faster than expected.

Another highlight was Rio de Janeiro, where we celebrated New Year's Eve. Through our preliminary research, we knew that people dress white on New Year's Eve in Rio. We dressed up and admired the breathtaking fireworks directly from the beach - with our feet in the sand.

What impressions were you able to gather during your short time in Ushuaia?
Austrian Airlines aircraft in Ushuaia

Impressions of Ushuaia


As the aircraft doors opened in Ushuaia, we were welcomed with open arms. Even the cleaning staff approached us with a smile on their faces. We all wanted to get some Antarctic air and gathered in front of our plane for various pictures. In the background, the rugged mountain ranges and the gateway to the bitterly cold Antarctic. What a great backdrop!

Through conversations with the employees on site, we quickly noticed their connection to their home country. Their main source of income is fishing and the increasing tourism is also becoming more and more important for them. The short but intensive time at the "end of the world" left a deep impression on me and one thing is for sure: this was certainly not my last time in Ushuaia!

What did the passengers say about their trip to Antarctica?

The Impressive Nature of Ushuaia


Lots of ice, impressive nature, breathtaking light shows and of course a diverse animal kingdom. This was the general feeling and impression of the majority. Crossing the "Drake Passage" (the passage between South America and Antarctica) when the sea is rough, is also a thrilling experience. The sea can be so rough that walking is nearly impossible and you have to cling to your bed at night. But Antarctica seems to be truly captivating and some have already been repeat offenders.

Ice landscape of Ushuaia

Discover the World of Flying With Austrian Airlines

What a great adventure! Thank you very much, Andrea, for taking us with you on your journey.

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