The Best Stockholm Tips for Your City Break

The Best Stockholm Tips for Your City Break | Editor: Florian Lieke

Stockholm is simply perfect for a city break or a weekend trip. Below, we share our best Stockholm tips and highlights with you!

Colourful house facades in Stockholm's old town

When Is the Best Time to Travel to Stockholm?

The summer months are ideal for exploring the Swedish capital. Especially in June, July and August, you can expect much longer days, temperatures hover around 20 °C and you can refresh yourself in the Baltic Sea while sightseeing. But Stockholm is also appealing during the transition months of April, May, September and October. Although the temperatures are somewhat lower then, you can expect fewer tourists and a beautiful natural spectacle. Stockholm is particularly attractive in autumn, when the trees light up in a wide variety of colours. If you don't mind cold, short and dark days, the Swedish capital is also a good choice in the winter months.

Although the days are much shorter from November to March, you can mainly enjoy the city with the locals. The high season is over and the crowds of tourists are largely absent.

What Is the Best Way to Get Around Stockholm?

It is well-known that Stockholm is one of the more expensive cities. But there are some tips to save money in the Swedish capital. For example, when getting around the city. Stockholm has an excellent public transport network and cheap ticket offers. The metro is an ideal way to get from A to B quickly. In addition, some of Stockholm's metro stations are more than just worth seeing and can be considered as sights in their own right. Make sure to stop by the Kungsträdgården, Radhuset and Solna Centrum stations. We bet, you've never seen anything like it!


Another advantage of the day tickets: You can also use the public ferries and thus avoid expensive boat trips. Line 80 is particularly recommended for this purpose.

View of a metro station in Stockholm

All Stockholm Highlights at a Glance

View of the old town of Stockholm

What Are the Must-See Attractions in Stockholm?

The Old Town of Stockholm - Gamla Stan

Where is the best place to start your discovery tour in Stockholm? Obviously, in the Old Town! Narrow streets, colourful house facades and a lot of history. If you stroll through Gamla Stan, you will come across numerous important buildings. Although today's house facades are primarily from the 18th century, the history of the Old Town goes way back to the 13th century. Be sure to stop by the main square, Stortorget, the Stockholm Cathedral, Storkyrkan, the Riddarholmen Church, Riddarholmskyrkan, and Stockholm Castle.

The Vasa Museum in Stockholm - Vasamuseet

Do you already know the most visited museum in Scandinavia? No? Then it's about time! The Vasa Museum in Stockholm, Vasamuseet, is one of the most important museums in the country and should definitely not be missed on a weekend or city trip. What is so special about the museum? The Vasamuseet is home to the world's only and almost completely preserved 17th century warship, Vasa. It had its maiden voyage in 1628 and capsized. Three centuries later, it was discovered in the depths of the Baltic Sea and was almost completely restored. An absolute highlight and definitely worth seeing!

The Drottningholm Palace in Stockholm

In Paris the Palace of Versailles, in Vienna the Schönbrunn Palace - and in Stockholm? The Drottningholm Palace! The Drottningholm Estate and Palace is located on the island of Lovön and is now an UNESCO World Heritage Site. To this day, the area is considered the best-preserved castle ensemble from the 17th century and is also the residence of the Swedish royal family. Especially on sunny days, a walk through the park, with its playful water systems, meadows and flowerbeds, is particularly charming and recommended. It is best to bring a little more time with you, so that you can simply let yourself drift without stress and hectic.

The Drottningholm Palace in Stockholm

ABBA - The Museum in Stockholm

Whether young or old, pop fan or not - everyone knows the classics by ABBA. It's not without reason that the Swedish pop group is still the second most successful band in Europe and enjoys great popularity even among the youngest generations. But what is their secret of success? Well, this is what you can find out at ABBA - The Museum. The museum is located on the island of Djurgården and takes you on a playful journey through the success story of Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Anni-Frid. The exhibition is very interactive and you can even share the stage with the four of them. An experience not to be missed!

Picnic in Hellasgården

Hellasgården in Stockholm

If the hustle and bustle of the city becomes too much for you during your trip, you can also isolate yourself perfectly around Stockholm. There are numerous opportunities to spend a day in nature and away from all the city's turmoil. For example, in Hellasgården. In the recreation area, which is only 15 minutes from the city centre, you will find countless lakes, meadows and forests. The best thing to do is to pack some local delicacies, find a nice spot and have a picnic in the picturesque surroundings. If you want to get a little active, you can also go swimming, cycling, canoeing or have a sauna. In winter, you can also go ice skating and skiing here. Highly recommended!

The Junibacken Children's Museum in Stockholm

Are you travelling with children? In that case, you shouldn't miss our last highlight. But it's not just the kids who will enjoy a visit to the Junibacken Children's Museum - the grown-ups will, too. Because, who hasn't always wanted to dive into the world of Pippi Longstocking or Karlsson-on-the-Roof? Fans of Astrid Lindgren will definitely get their money's worth here and can take a picture with Pippi's horse, can stroll through the blueberry forest or can discover the Villa Villekulla. Get ready for a childhood dream come true!

What and Where Do You Eat Best in Stockholm?

When in Sweden, and Stockholm in particular, you should not miss out on a culinary delicacy: kanelbullar. The Swedish cinnamon rolls belong to Stockholm like the currywurst to Berlin. If you haven't tried at least one of them, you have definitely missed something. Our favourite places to try the famous pastry: Valhallabageriet, Café Saturnus and Sattva, which also serves vegan cinnamon rolls. Otherwise, Stockholm stands out with its wide range of international cuisine. There are countless opportunities to enjoy culinary highlights from all over the world. There is certainly something for everyone in Stockholm!

View of cinnamon buns in Swedish bakery

Our tip for a perfect evening: start with a drink at the beautiful café Mälarpaviljongen right by the water. For dinner, we recommend the famous Flippin'Burgers, which serves the best burgers in town. And last but not least, have a nightcap on the rooftop terrace of the Scandic Anglais Hotel, which is an absolute highlight, especially in summer. Like this, nothing stands in the way of an exuberant evening!

Swedish flag in the alleys of Stockholm's Old Town

The Most Important Swedish Vocabulary for Your Stockholm Trip

  • Hello = Hej
  • Good day = God dag
  • Goodbye = Hej då
  • Excuse me = Ursäkta
  • My name is = Jag heter
  • I don't speak Swedish = Jag talar ingen svenska
  • Toilet = Toalett
  • I would like to pay please = Notan, tack
  • Please = Ingen orsak | Thank you = Tack
  • Yes = Ja | No = Nej

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