Tel Aviv - Mediterranean Travel Tips from the Austrian Community

Hopping across the Mediterranean you’ll find a lively and exciting city ready to share many stories. Tel Aviv is indeed a jewel but many travellers oversee it. For this week’s blog post our Austrian Community shared their favourite spots and provides you with helpful travel tips.


After having visited Israel several times and especially appreciating the trendy vibe of Tel Aviv, Viki has some wonderful tips to share. Especially the Southern part called Jaffa has fascinated her. Jaffa has grown to be almost a part of Tel Aviv, but back then it was an independent city. Narrow streets and alleys lure and will somehow invite you to get lost like in a maze. Go there hungry, you’ll find many traditional sweets and fresh pomegranate juice is sold in almost every corner. Also, the view on Tel Aviv and the beach promenade is simply gigantic from here.


AustrianFan Ellen has felt especially at home in the quirky Carmel Market . It’s loud, the traders are trying to sell fruit in the most mesmerizing colors, it’s busy, a myriad of scents swirling in the air – which is certainly too much for some is just perfect for Ellen. She advises to take care of her own belongings a bit better than anywhere else in Tel Aviv.


When Kathi tells us about all the many different and yet so colourful walls in Tel Aviv, we get even more curious. Street art and graffitis are omnipresent. You’ll find them along the promenade between Tel Aviv and Jaffa, in Jaffa itself and on Rothschild Boulevard are the most impressive works. You do not need to look for it, because there is just so much.

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Mona has also been to Tel Aviv several times. She is completely in love with the food there. She’s charmed by the Israeli cuisine and when in Tel Aviv she hops from restaurant to restaurant – looking for the best food. She finds shakshuka and sweet desserts especially tasty. But also dates from Israel are a good snack for travelling. If you don’t have much time, but still want to enjoy a good meal, Mona recommends to go to Jaffa or Downtown Tel Aviv and hunt for fresh falafel with hummus .


Even busy business travelers like Jörg get their taste in Tel Aviv. The long promenade directly by the sea is the perfect place to watch the sun and in the morning or in the evening. Jörg tells us that he loves to go for a run there. Then he can simply switch off and listen to the sound of the sea.

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Alex also has plenty of tips for Tel Aviv: the easiest way to get around the city is by foot, and if you’re into architecture, you’ll be inspired in the “White City” – especially the Bauhaus-style buildings are worth the trip.

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Tel Aviv is not only suitable as a charming starting point for longer trips in Israel, but is also worth a weekend trip. From Vienna you’ll be there in less than four hours , of course several direct flights a day are available. Check for your desired flight days:

Tel Aviv eignet sich nicht nur für längere Reisen in Israel als charmanten Startpunkt, sondern punktet auch als Wochenendtrip. Denn in weniger als vier Stunden geht es ab Wien direkt nach Tel Aviv. Auch gibt es mehrere Flüge am Tag – aber die kannst du ja auch gleich selbst mit deinen eigenen Wunschflugtagen checken:

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