That Pure Holiday Feel: Our Croatian Highlights

Paradise is where the sea shimmers in a thousand different shades of blue, taking a guided tour of a city feels more like taking a journey through time, and the waterfalls could be straight out of a fairytale. This is by no means a paradise we’ve just made up, however; it’s merely an attempt to describe the incredible diversity of Croatia. So this week, come with us to the Adriatic, as we reveal our loveliest Croatian highlights.


Croatian Highlight #1: Kornati National Park

Kornati National Park lies at the very heart of the Adriatic and includes more than 100 islands , making it the largest archipelago in the region. Most of the karst islands are uninhabited and barren. The island group is particularly popular amongst divers , as countless brightly-coloured reefs and shipwrecks from days of yore are waiting to be explored just beneath the surface.

Kornaten 2
Kornaten Tauchen
Kornaten Tauchen Fisch

Croatian Highlight #2: Dubrovnik

Croatia can boast many enchanting cities. None of them can compete with the breathtaking beauty of Dubrovnik , however. The history of the city goes all the way back to the seventh century when the small island of Ragusa was first settled; the island later merged with the mainland when the channel between the two was filled in, and this is where you’ll find the city of Dubrovnik today.

Worth a look and a do in Dubrovnik

  • Explore the old city within its ancient stone walls.
  • Enjoy the view over Dubrovnik from Srđ Mountain.
  • Check out the locations of cult series Game of Thrones.
Dubrovnik 2
Dubrovnik 3

Croatian Highlight #3: Krka National Park

We promised you fairytale waterfalls in the introduction, and you’ll find several of the best in Krka National Park. At the centre of a mighty gorge is the River Krka, which rises at the foot of the Dinarides Mountains and flows into the sea at Šibenik . The most imposing waterfall is without a doubt Skradinski Buk, where you can also take a refreshing dip in the cool water in the summer months. And while there, be sure not to miss the small town of Skradin nearby.


Croatian Highlight #4: Šibenik

At first glance, Šibenik comes across as a sleepy seaside town – because at its heart that’s exactly what it is. The narrow alleyways in the medieval old town are truly labyrinthine , and just begging to be explored. Squint from the promenade and you can see the outlying islands of Kornati National Park, which you can also visit in day-trips departing from Šibenik.


Croatian Highlight #5: Zagreb

Zagreb may be home to less than half as many people as Vienna, but the Croatian capital has a huge amount to offer – and boredom isn’t one of them. All year-round, the seriously buzzy city hosts numerous events and activities in areas such as culture, architecture, art and music. All of which has enabled Zagreb to transform itself into a hugely popular city destination in recent years.

Worth a look and a do in Zagreb

Zagreb 2

Croatian Highlight #6: Plitvice Lakes National Park

Moving away from the coast now, you’ll find the stunning turquoise waters of Plitvice Lakes National Park, which have inspired so many over the years. The park is home to a total of 16 lakes, each one of which somehow manages to be even more beautiful than the last. Connected by cascades large and small, these form a maze-like network of waterways, which is best explored on foot using the kilometres of wooden walkways. If you want to see the vast majority of the park, set your alarm for sunrise and go equipped with plenty of drinking water and sturdy walking shoes.

Plitvice Seen
Plitvice Seen 2

Croatian Highlight #7: Split

Croatia’s second-largest city gives you the chance to enjoy the Adriatic coast and a majestic mountain backdrop at the same time. Split offers the perfect combination of modernity and tradition. A particularly lovely way to experience the city is to stroll along the Riva riverside promenade in the early morning and watch the city slowly wake from its slumbers.

Worth a look and a do in Split

  • Marvel at the gargantuan size of Diocletian’s Palace.
  • Take a walk on the Marjan Peninsula.
  • Take a trip through the centuries at Klis Fortress.
Split 2
Split 3

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