The Best Montréal Insider Tips

We can’t believe it’s already been over a month that we’ve started connecting Vienna and Montréal with daily flights. During this time, we met up with two Canadian bloggers to share their favourite insider tips of their home town, Montréal. Mapping Along, better known as Sam and Yass, tell us all about your city!


Montréal’s Old Port

Montréal’s Old Port really comes alive during the summer months. Between the giant Ferris wheel, street performers, open-air restaurants and a great variety of food trucks, there is something for everyone!

Montréal’s Old Town

Take a walk through Old Montréal and get instantly carried back to Europe. With its narrow streets and stone-paved alleys, this part of the city definitely doesn’t feel like North America!  


Get the best bagels in town

A visit to Montréal wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the famous St-Viateur Bagel Shop. Located in the Mile End, a lively and trendy neighbourhood, this shop makes the best bagels in Montréal and serves them up 24 hours a day! Grab a half-dozen sesame bagels and make your way to a nearby park to eat them while they’re still warm.

Tip: Take cash with you in any case, because you can't pay with debit or credit cards here.

Ice cream all the way

As soon as the weather gets warm enough, Montréalers love going out for ice cream. Our personal favourite ice cream shop in the city is Kem Coba, where all the ice cream is homemade. They have unusual flavours like masala chai and pandan leaves which always keep us coming back for more! Be ready to wait in line as this shop is really popular amongst locals and bring some cash as they do not accept payment by card.


Make time for a spa break

If you’re visiting during the winter months, don’t miss the chance to get some relaxation at one of the region’s many day spas. Our personal favourite is Scandinave Spa, located in Mont-Tremblant, about a two-hour drive north from Montréal. It’s the perfect place to make the best of the cold weather and the ultimate location for a pamper day.

Mount Royal and Montréal’s skyline

One of the most iconic views of Montréal can be found at the top of the Mount Royal lookout. From the lookout, you have a great view of the city’s skyline. During winter, make your way to Mount Royal to practice well-loved winter sports like ice skating, tubing or cross-country skiing. Whether it’s -30 or +30 degrees outside, you will find locals and tourists alike wandering on Mount Royal.   


Let’s go hiking

We may not have many mountains in Montréal, but just an hour and a half drive south of the border lie the Adirondack Mountains. If you’re looking for great hiking opportunities, get your sports gear and go soak in the views that the Adirondacks have to offer. No matter your level of fitness, you’re sure to find a hike that suits you!

Bike the city

Our favourite way to get around the city in the summer is by BixiMontréal’s bike sharing system. Cycling around different neighbourhoods is something we’ll never get tired of! There are hundreds of Bixi stations all over the city and every last Sunday of the month, it’s free!


Botanical Garden may save your day

When Montréal’s weather isn’t cooperating, our favourite place to escape the cold is at the Botanical Garden. We love how relaxing it is to walk amongst the various plants and get transported through different climates in each of the garden’s greenhouses.

Coffee houses of Montréal

Montréal’s coffee culture has been thriving in the last few years. There are third wave coffee shops popping up everywhere in the city and we’ve been loving discovering each and every one of them! Our go-to is probably the most picture-perfect of them all. Pastel Rita not only does amazing coffee in a beautiful setting, but they also serve up delicious food. Plus, the staff is always so friendly!


Out in the woods

If you have a few extra days, definitely check out Le Vertendre, a network of eco-friendly cottages in the woods that are located about a 1.5-hour drive away from Montréal. The perfect place to disconnect from city life and enjoy some time in nature.

Local markets

Montréal has many markets where locals flock on weekends to buy fresh produce. Atwater market’s location next to the Lachine Canal makes it an ideal place for a weekend stroll. Grab a quick bite to eat at one of the many food stands and shop for the freshest produce you’ll find in the city! During the summer, the market doubles in size with many shops setting up outside to sell flowers and plants.

Merci beaucoup and thank you so much for sharing your insider tips for Montréal! We cannot wait for our community to check out your favourite spots!

Make sure to follow Sam and Yass on their next adventures on their blog Mapping Along.

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