A trip to Klagenfurt!

With a charming old town district and a crystal-clear lake filled with water so clean you can drink it, Klagenfurt isn’t just uniquely beautiful in the summer ˗ it captivates visitors all year round. With Austrian Airlines, you can fly from Vienna to the Mediterranean town on the banks of the Wörthersee in just 40 minutes. So come with us and take a plunge into the loveliest bathtub in Austria!


The loveliest bathtub in Austria


© Carinthian Swing Combo®

“The town has quality of life, green space all around, the loveliest ‘bathtub’ in Austria and a well maintained, lively town centre, yet it has remained small enough to be very manageable.” Wolfgang Schreiner has lived in Klagenfurt, regional capital of Carinthia, for 40 years now. He works here as a musician with the Carinthian Swing Combo , as well as being an entrepreneur, social worker and cultural activist. . “I was actually born in Seeboden, by the Millstättersee lake, and am proud of being from Upper Carinthia,” Wolfgang says with a mischievous smile. “There are many things I value about Klagenfurt its broad cultural range, the proximity to nature, the way it combines the personal nature of a small town with the developed infrastructure of a regional capital, the pub culture, and the range of attractions from the University (Alma Mater Minimunda) through to Minimundus.”


Schloss Maria Loretto © Archiv Stadt Klagenfurt / Kulterer

Klagenfurt and its bathtub: every season has its own special attraction in Klagenfurt and the surrounding area, of course – but summer in these parts is just in a league of its own. In the summer months, the entire population of Carinthia pack their swimming trunks and head for the region’s unrivalled bathing lakes. The Wörthersee , just outside Klagenfurt, is a hugely popular destination for swimmers for a number of different reasons: the lake boasts water as clean as drinking water, is particularly warm, and fascinates guests with its crystal-clear, turquoise waters. Thousands of people from across Austria also head for Klagenfurt every summer not just for the swimming, but also to take part in other special events: the Beach Volleyball Grand Slam and the Ironman .


Schloss Maria Loretto © Klagenfurt Tourismus / Kulterer

Old town magic


Alter Platz © Klagenfurt Tourismus

What does Klagenfurt old town have to offer? In August, a special spectacle : at the Old Town Magic event, magicians, stilt walkers, jugglers and live bands perform on 8 stages scattered around the streets and winding alleyways of the ancient city centre. It’s not just in August that Klagenfurt old town is charming, however, as Wolfgang tells us: “I would recommend anyone visiting Klagenfurt for the first time to drink a cappuccino on Alter Platz before doing anything else. Then take a leisurely stroll to the lake, stopping off at the Europapark on the way.” The old town is particularly beautiful at night, when the historic facades of the buildings are lit up by spotlights.


Is that a dragon I see on Neuer Platz? You could say that: what you’re actually looking at is the town’s heraldic animal – the Lindwurm ! Legend has it that the fabulous beast, part snake, part dragon, lived in the area around Klagenfurt now overgrown with moss and shrubbery. Brave knights succeeded in defeating the dangerous Lindwurm, however, and freed Klagenfurt from the menace. You’ll find the 6 ton Lindwurm fountain at Neuer Platz – and worry not, the most dangerous thing the Lindwurm spits nowadays is water! 😉

Wolfgang describes the people of Klagenfurt as “mostly friendly, and if enthusiastic, then orderly.” DThis readiness to help and moral spirit of the people of Klagenfurt makes communal living safer and more comfortable. “And of course, true Klagenfurt residents are resistant to anything to do with VSV Villach, their local ice hockey rivals, and the Villach Carnival,” Wolfgang explains with a grin. 😉

  • Kamot: for years now, guaranteed atmosphere, cool music and feel-good factor
  • the Luftschutzbunker (Botanischer Garten): an insider tip for great concerts, events and exhibitions
  • Schweizerhaus am Kreuzbergl: fantastic view onto the lake and Klagenfurt; great traditional Austrian cooking
  • Konoba: in Viktring (southern Klagenfurt); insider tip for lovers of beautifully cooked fish

In Carinthia, you won’t just find the loveliest bathtub in Austria, but also a huge number of other bathing lakes. The region is known as the “Land of Lakes” by Austrians, and with good reason. To discover the beauty of the region yourself, just click here to search the right flight!

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