5 Tips for Air Travel in Times of Corona

5 Tips for Air Travel in Times of Corona | Editor: Florian Lieke

Travelling in times of Corona can be exhausting - but it doesn't have to be! With our 5 tips, nothing stands in the way of a carefree trip.

View of the Austrian Airlines platform on travel regulations

1. Check the Travel Regulations of the Desired Destination

"The more you know, the more you know what you haven't known". Not only in times of Corona, but especially now: preparation is the be-all and end-all of every journey. So our first tip focuses on a thorough travel preparation, which is currently more important than ever. So before you book a flight and make your holiday or travel plans, always check the entry requirements and what is happening in your chosen destination first. For a complete overview of the entry requirements of the Austrian destinations, you can use the platform provided by Austrian Airlines. Find out more here.

2. Book a Free Adjacent Seat

Especially in times like these, you want to keep as much distance as possible from your fellow human beings. Even though sufficient protection is already provided on board our aircraft thanks to the permanent supply of fresh air through our special HEPA filters and the compulsory use of masks, a little more space is often what you need. For this reason, you can now book the seat next to you for an affordable price on all Austrian Airlines flights and enjoy additional comfort. The extra seat can be easily booked through our Service Centre. You can find more information here.

Austrian Airlines free adjacent seat
Austrian Airlines online boarding card

3. Use the Austrian Airlines Online Check-In

Check in easily from home or en route and go directly to the baggage drop-off or departure gate at the airport. In this way, you do not just avoid unnecessary contact with other passengers or crew members, but also additional stress at the airport. The Austrian Airlines online check-in usually opens 47 hours before the scheduled departure to and from Vienna. Furthermore, our app also offers you the possibility of checking in early. Check in quickly on your smartphone and always have your boarding pass at hand. Find out more here.

4. Use the Correct Face Mask

Wearing a face mask has become part of our everyday life, especially on public transport. This also applies to all Austrian Airlines flights and at Vienna International Airport. However, you should also make sure to choose the right mask. The mask should always cover the mouth and nose and should not have a valve. In addition, visors and face shields cannot be worn as a replacement for a face mask, as they provide incomparable protection. FFP2/FFP3 masks with a valve are also forbidden on our flights, but without a valve they are of course permitted. Concerning flights from and to Italy, only surgical masks are currently allowed.

Austrian Airlines passengers with mask

Our tip: Changing the mask due to accumulating moisture is particularly recommended for longer flights. It is therefore better to pack a few more masks.

View of the Austrian Airlines Travel Briefing

5. Download the Austrian Airlines Travel Briefing

Are you keen on checklists? Do you like to have everything at a glance? And do you want to travel without forgetting anything at home? Then our travel briefing is perfectly right for you! It is the perfect guide and companion for safe travelling in times of Corona. From packing your suitcase to your arrival, from checking travel regulations to mask obligations - our guide does not leave out any points in your travel chain and gives you an ideal overview of all aspects to be considered. So, download or print the travel briefing, check off the list and start your next carefree holiday.

Travel Carefree With Austrian Airlines

Have you checked the travel regulations? Have you booked a free adjacent seat? Have you checked in online and packed the right masks? Have you downloaded our travel briefing? Then nothing stands in the way of your next carefree trip with Austrian Airlines! You can find further information about travelling in times of Corona in our FAQs.

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