Tips & Highlights for Graz

Tips & Highlights for Graz | Editor: Florian Lieke

Not too big and not too small: the Styrian capital Graz. Find out what you should definitely not miss on your next trip to Graz!


The Schlossberg in Graz

260 steps you have to go, then you will stand on the castle hill, hey ho! Of course there are some other ways to climb the castle hill ("Schlossberg") in Graz too. For example with the Schlossberg cable car, the Schlossberg lift or along the many other small paths. Once you have reached the top, you can immediately enjoy the beautiful view over Graz. The Schlossberg is located directly on the river Mur and rises 123 meters above the main square. It is not for nothing that the Schlossberg is a favourite among those who are newly in love.


Our tip: The sunsets at the Schlossberg in Graz are particularly recommendable!

View from the Schlossberg in Graz
View of the Clock Tower in Graz

The Clock Tower in Graz

On the Schlossberg you will also find the symbol of the city of Graz: the clock tower. The 28-meter tower often causes confusion among visitors. Has someone switched the hands of the clock? In fact, the big hand of the clock tower is the hour hand. In the past, it was important to be able to see the hand from a long distance. The minute hand was added later and therefore had to be made smaller to distinguish it. The core of the clock tower is dated back to the 13th century, the hour bell also dates back to 1382, so if you are interested in history, the Schlossberg is the perfect place for you.

The Mur Island in Graz

Not far from the Schlossberg, the next attraction of Graz can already be guessed: the "Murinsel". The Mur Island ("Murinsel") is an extraordinary steel construction, has the shape of a half-open shell and was planned by the New York artist Vito Acconci. The open part of the shell looks like an arena and is used for events or simply to relax in the sun. In the closed part you will find a trendy café.

The Graz Art Museum

In addition to the Murinsel, there is another unusual building in Graz: the "Kunsthaus". The creators of the Graz Art Museum, Peter Cook and Colin Fournier, like to call it "Friendly Alien". The Graz Art Museum is regarded as a new architectural landmark of the city of Graz and its exhibition program includes contemporary art of the last five decades. The best way to get an idea of the Friendly Alien in Graz is to visit it yourself.

The Pumpkin Seed Oil from Graz

For what do the Styrians actually use their pumpkin seed oil? Correct: for vanilla ice cream! Of course, pumpkin seed oil also tastes good on salad. You can probably get the best pumpkin seed oil at the farmers' market at Kaiser Josef Platz. The market is open every day, except Sundays, and offers you a large and above all fresh range of genuine Styrian products.


For those who would like to try the variety of pumpkin seed oil, we recommend a pumpkin seed oil tasting in Graz. Our insider tip: The restaurant "Stainzerbauer" offers such a tasting several times a year in a cosy atmosphere.

View of pumpkins at Stainzerbauer in Graz
Three Friends at a restaurant by the lake in Klagenfurt

The best restaurants in Graz


Scherbe: Great breakfast offer with special selection of menus.


Parkhouse: Rustic restaurant in the middle of the city park with Styrian ambience.

Der Steirer

Der Steirer: Typical Styrian food, traditional and unadulterated.

Experience Graz with Austrian Airlines

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