Tips & Highlights for Klagenfurt

Tips & Highlights for Klagenfurt | Editor: Florian Lieke

An enchanting old town, a breathtaking lake and lots of culture: We will reveal our tips and highlights for Klagenfurt!

Girls dangle feet in Lake Wörthersee

The quality of life in Klagenfurt

"The city has an undreamt-of quality of life, a lot of green areas, the most beautiful bathtub in Austria, a well-preserved and lively inner city area and yet it has remained manageable." Wolfgang Schreiner has lived in the capital of Carinthia for 40 years, is a musician and at the same time active as an entrepreneur, social worker and cultural activist. "I was actually born in Seeboden at the Millstättersee and I attach great importance to being an Upper Carinthian", Wolfgang says with a mischievous smile. "But there are many things I appreciate about Klagenfurt: the cultural offers, the closeness to nature, the manageable size but still a great infrastructure, the pub culture and the offers from university to Minimundus."

The Lake Wörth near Klagenfurt

Every season has its own special charm in Klagenfurt and the surrounding area, but summer here is unique. In summer, the whole of Carinthia packs its swimming trunks and flocks to Carinthia's many bathing lakes. The Lake Wörth ("Wörthersee") near Klagenfurt is a popular destination for bathing for several reasons. The lake has drinking water quality, is particularly warm and fascinates its guests with crystal-clear, turquoise water. Every summer, thousands of people from all over Austria flock to Klagenfurt not only for swimming, but also because of a very special event: the Ironman. This triathlon sports event has been taking place in Klagenfurt year after year since 1998 and attracts many people.

Sailing ship on Lake Wörth
Theatre in Klagenfurt

Old town magic in Klagenfurt

What does the old town of Klagenfurt offer? A special attraction in August: magicians, stilt-walkers, jugglers in the streets and alleys and live bands on a total of eight stages await you at the so-called "Altstadtzauber" (old town magic). But the old town of Klagenfurt is not just enchanting in August: "For those who come to Klagenfurt for the first time, I recommend having a cappuccino on the old square first. Afterwards a walk to the lake with a rest in the Europapark is a good idea", says Wolfgang. Especially at night the old town shines and the historical facades are immersed in a beautiful light.

The Lindworm of Klagenfurt

You are standing in front of the heraldic animal of the city - the "Lindwurm" (lindworm)! According to legend, this snake- and dragon-like mythical creature lived in the area around Klagenfurt, which was then overgrown with moss and bushes. However, brave servants were able to defeat the dangerous lindworm and freed Klagenfurt from the plague. You can find the six-tonne lindworm fountain at Neuer Platz in the centre of Klagenfurt.


The lindworm is not only the heraldic animal of Klagenfurt, but also the reason for the foundation and settlement of the town at that time.

The Lindworm of Klagenfurt

Wolfgang describes the citizen of Klagenfurt as "mostly friendly and if enthusiastic, then properly". The helpfulness and civil courage of the people of Klagenfurt make living together safer and also more comfortable.

Fish platter and cocktail in Klagenfurt restaurant

The best restaurants in Klagenfurt


Kamot: Great atmosphere, cool music and traditional cuisine.

Schweizerhaus am Kreuzbergl

Schweizerhaus: Homemade food and fantastic view over the lake.

Maria Loretto

Maria Loretto: Absolute insider tip for fish lovers.

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Klagenfurt is only a few hours away from Vienna and is an ideal destination for a weekend trip. In Carinthia, you will not just find the beautiful Lake Wörth, but also numerous other lakes for swimming. Not for nothing Carinthia is called the "land of lakes". So, what are you waiting for? It's best to book your flight with Austrian Airlines from and to Vienna right here:

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