Tips & Highlights for Linz

Tips & Highlights for Linz | Editor: Florian Lieke

Let's discover Linz! We will reveal our highlights, insider tips and recommendations for an ideal weekend trip or short city trip to Linz.

View over Linz

What are must sees in Linz?

Linz is manageable and yet versatile, quiet and lively, old and modern. And it's this mixture that makes Linz not only unique but also worth a visit. If you come to Linz for a day or a weekend, the following classics are not to be missed:

The Old Town of Linz

A walk through Linz should take you to the main square as well as along Landstraße and Herrenstraße. In addition to numerous shops, beautiful house facades, many colourful lights and great cafés await you there!

The Schlossberg of Linz

From the terrace of the Castle Museum you have one of the best views of the old town. The history of the castle dates back to the 17th century. The south wing of the castle, destroyed around 1800, was replaced in 2009 by a modern steel and glass architecture and can be visited since then.

The Pöstlingberg of Linz

It is enthroned over Linz in a comfortable and calm way. You can either go or take the comfortable cable car ("Pöstlingbergbahn"). The view is also beautiful, with Linz and the Danube meandering through your field of vision.

View of the Linz Cathedral

© Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Robert Josipovic

View of the Danube in Linz

© Donauschifffahrt Wurm und Köck

What are must dos in Linz?

Enjoy a Linz Harbour Tour

The first thing you will discover by ship is the cultural mile with the AEC, the Lentos Art Museum and the Brucknerhaus Event Centre. Afterwards, the tour continues to the harbour district - where the city's "heartbeat of steel" pulsates. Further on, the tour passes green areas until the Traun estuary, before returning to the starting point at Donaupark.

Check out the ARS Electronica Center (AEC) in Linz

It is also called the Museum of Future, and with good reason: at the AEC, interactive exhibitions await you, inviting you to participate and reflect.

Visit the Steel World in Linz

Hardly any other company has shaped the city as much as the voestalpine steel group. To immerse yourself in the world of industry and get to know Linz better, we recommend a visit to the exhibition. By arrangement, even factory tours can be organized.

ARS Electronica Center (AEC) in Linz

© Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Robert Maybach

Mural Harbour in Linz

© Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Robert Maybach

Eat a real Linzer Torte

Did you know that the Linzer Torte (nut and jam layer cake) is considered to be the oldest pastry named after a city? It was first mentioned in writings in 1653 and still delights locals and visitors alike.

Admire the Mural Harbour in Linz

The Linz harbour is not only used for the shipping of goods, but is also Europe's largest graffiti and muralismo gallery. In 2012 an oversized mural was created here and today several hundred works of art by artists from more than 30 different nations decorate the former grey walls of the harbour.

If you don't have much time, take a stroll along the harbour to look at the murals and graffiti. Those who bring more time with them, should join a tour through the Mural Harbor. One of the artists will first show you around the harbour by foot and then by boat to tell you exciting and funny stories about the creation of the most significant walls. After the creative input it is time to try yourself on the wall and decorate the practice walls with your own artwork using spray cans.

Which events in Linz should not be missed?

High-altitude euphoria for the senses in Linz

During summer, you can discover the roofs of Linz by climbing the colossal wooden tower at the centre of the city. The cultural district is home to exhibitions which are changed every year.

Bubble Days in Linz

As summer comes, Linz Harbour is totally the place to be! A very special party is thrown at the harbour every year, complete with live music, helicopter flights, wakeboarding and childcare.

High-altitude euphoria for the senses in Linz
Firework in Linz

Donau in Flammen in Linz

Linz hosts a legendary musical fireworks display in summer. Various fireworks are ignited to coordinated music and bathe the Danube and the city in a colourful glow of light. You can admire the spectacle either from the bank of the Danube or on one of the ships.

Sandburg in Linz

What is the Linzer doing on a warm summer evening? You meet up with friends and work colleagues for a nightcap at the Untere Donaulände to sit comfortably in a deck chair and bury your toes in the sand.

Urfahranermarkt in Linz

Twice a year the Urfahranermarkt, in brief Urfix, opens its doors and lures thousands of visitors with its many attractions to the area next to the AEC. Amusement rides, beer tapping, brass band accompaniment and much more await you at the Urfahranermarkt, which has been held since 1817.

Where is the best place to eat in Linz?

From a culinary point of view, Linz has got a lot to offer. For a delicious breakfast we recommend the following cafés:

Pastry Shop Jindrak in Linz

Start your day with one of the classics in Linz. The pastry shop Jindrak is considered to be home of the original "Linzer Torte".

Stadtliebe in Linz

On Sundays and on public holidays we recommend the all-you-can-eat-and-drink city brunch at Stadtliebe.

View of Brunch in Linz
Woman serving lunch

For a cosy lunch in Linz you should visit one of the following places:

Horst in Linz

The Horst is actually a deco shop, but you will also find freshly prepared vegetarian or vegan delicacies for lunch.

Zum schiefen Apfelbaum in Linz

During the warm season we are happy to be guests in the open-air restaurant under the crooked apple tree. But also in winter we like to sit in the "g'miatlich'n Stub'n" (cosy parlour) and enjoy the typical Austrian dishes.

The best way to round off the evening is to visit one of the following restaurants:

Salonschiff Fräulein Florentine in Linz

The combination of simple dishes, pastries and various cultural programmes is exactly what makes the restaurant on the Danube so special.

Das gelbe Krokodil in Lonz

A dream for every veggie who also likes it colorful. But the restaurant also offers a comprehensive menu for non-vegetarians.

Salonschiff Fräulein Florentine in Linz

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