Tips and Highlights for Your Holidays on Corfu

Tips and Highlight for Your Holiday on Corfu | Editor: Florian Lieke

Are you planning your next holiday on Corfu? We show you the best tips and highlights for a holiday on the popular Greek island!

Kavos Beach Corfu

Which Are the Most Beautiful Beaches on Corfu?

Kavos Beach Corfu

Those who travel to Corfu can look forward to numerous great beaches with deep blue water. Our first beach tip directly fulfils this idea and is located in the south of the island. The Kavos beach is especially suitable for the adventurous, party animals and friends of company. The beach is full of bars, taverns and countless offers of water sports. The ambience at the beach can be described as very dynamic in beautiful surroundings. But if you prefer a more peaceful atmosphere, we recommend our next beach tip.

Giali Beach Corfu

Our next beach tip is located in the west of the island and is clearly one of the quiet and deserted beaches: the Giali beach. Picturesque cliffs, a fine pebble beach, turquoise water and above all: no mass tourism. Although the Giali beach is not so easy to reach and you have to accept a steep cliff path, you will be rewarded by the beautiful natural spectacle, a lot of tranquility and a legendary atmosphere. Those who are looking for cafés, bars or taverns will search in vain.

Barbati Beach Corfu

The Barbati beach in the northeast is quite special and differs in essential points from the other beaches on Corfu. The pebble beach, which is several kilometres long, is shallow, wide and promises a lot of space and peace. Moreover, the beach is not located directly at the road, so that you can expect a low noise level. The water at Barbati beach is particularly clear due to its shallow waters and the fine pebble beach. Thus, it invites you to swim, dive and snorkel. The panorama here is also promising and on good days you can even see the opposite coast of Albania and the mountainous landscape.

Barbati Beach Corfu

Canal d’Amour Corfu

Pure romance on Canal d'Amour! The beach section of Canal d'Amour in the north of the island is indeed small, but an excursion is absolutely worthwhile. A picturesque bay, impressive and colourful sandstone formations as well as numerous caves and rock tunnels. However, it is not only the romantic view that gives the beach section its name, but also a legend. This legend says that swimmers who swim from one side of the channel to the other will meet their dream partner. So if you are still looking for a partner, you should definitely swim through the channel at least once during your holiday on Corfu.

Porto Timoni Greece

Porto Timoni Corfu

Our last tip, which we certainly do not want to withhold from you, is also a very special: the Porto Timoni. The Porto Timoni in the northwest of the island is also called "Butterfly Bay" or "Twin Bay" due to its formation. The two beaches are located opposite each other like the wings of a butterfly and promise two different views: on the one hand the view to the open sea, on the other hand the view to a bay. Even though the two beaches are right beside each other, the water inside the bay is warmer. But in both cases, the water is crystal clear and the rocky panorama incomparable.

What Are the Must-Sees in Corfu?

The Old Town of Corfu Town

Not just the beaches of Corfu captivate with picturesque panoramas, but also the capital of the island. The city spreads maritime flair and seems more like an Italian old town due to its Venetian style. But once arrived at the narrow alleyways, one will soon feel the Greek atmosphere. The old town is located between the Old and New Fortress, can be explored by foot and spreads a lot of cosiness. Our tip: simply let yourself drift!

Corfu Town
Old fortress Corfu

Old Fortress Corfu

Once arrived in the Old Town, you should definitely visit the Old Fortress of Corfu. The fortress was built in the 16th century by the Venetians, is majestically located on an artificial island in front of the capital and can only be reached by a bridge. Today, the Venetian impact is only visible due to the walls of the fortress, but the interior decoration was arranged by the English in the 19th century. Those who are interested in the history of the fortress should visit the museum that is located there. Today it is also home to the Faculty of Music of the University of Corfu.

Kanoni and Mouse Island Corfu

The view of the Kanoni peninsula and the Mouse Island is probably the most popular motif decorating postcards from Corfu. Both islands are a little bit outside the city centre of Corfu Town and from the peninsula Kanoni you have got the best view to the opposite Mouse Island, which can only be reached by a boat. The island got its name because of its appearance from the bird's eye view. When you arrive on the island, you can visit the chapel from the 12th century. The island itself can be circled in about ten minutes. On the Kanoni peninsula, on the other hand, you can visit the 18th century monastery and simply enjoy the view of the Mouse Island and open sea.

Achilleion Palace Corfu

Our next highlight on Corfu will not only delight true Sissi fans: The Achilleion Palace. The palace was built by Empress Elisabeth (Sissi) in 1890 and named after the Greek hero Achilleus. Even today you can still admire the large statue of the heroic figure in the garden of the estate. After the First World War, the palace became the property of Greece and was subsequently transformed into one of the most popular museums on the island. Those who do not only want to follow the tracks of the former empress will be in good hands in the appendant palace garden. Numerous flowers and plants adorn the estate and at the same time you have got a fantastic sea view.

Achilleion Corfu
Angelokastro Corfu

Angelokastro Corfu

Our final must-see can be found on the other side of the island, in the northwest of Corfu. The castle ruin Angelokastro is located on a steep coast, was built between the 11th and 12th century and is the legacy of the Byzantines. The sea view from the fortress is impressive and on a sunny day the view also reaches far into the island. This is why the ruin is affectionately called "Balcony of Corfu" or "Castle of Angels" by the inhabitants. Those who visit the ruin should also take some time for the surrounding landscape and simply enjoy the panorama and maritime flair.

Which Neighbouring Islands of Corfu Are Worth Seeing?

Even if Corfu already offers quite a lot, the surrounding islands are especially interesting for repeat offenders. Two small islands south of Corfu stand out clearly: Paxos and Antipaxos. The two islands can be reached by boat in about one hour and are among the most beautiful islands in the world. Once you arrive there, you will find a true paradise: azure blue water, few tourists and unique bays. The islands can be explored by bike or foot. But also the island Vido is absolutely worth seeing. The small island is only a ten minutes ride by boat away from the capital of Corfu and offers the best view of the island and Corfu Town on the opposite side.

Taverna in Corfu

What Food Is Corfu Famous For?

Compared to the rest of the country, Corfiot cuisine has some peculiarities. On the one hand, there are numerous typical Greek dishes, such as tzatziki, souvlaki or gyros, on the other hand, the cuisine is also strongly influenced by the Venetian impact on the island and thus combines Italian and Greek cuisine. Typical dishes of Corfu are for example the "national dish" pastitsada, i.e. noodles with juicy meat from rooster or cattle in a spicy tomato sauce with a hint of cinnamon, bourdeto, a fish cooked in tomato sauce with onions, garlic and red pepper, or numbulo, a salami that is exclusively produced in Corfu.

Flights to Corfu With Austrian Airlines

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