9 Tips for Short-Haul Flights With Children

9 Tips for Short-Haul Flights With Children | Editor: Florian Lieke

Blogger Sabrina also knows that flying with children needs to be thoroughly planned. Below, she shares her best tips for air travel with children.

View of Austrian aircraft on the apron

1. Tip for Air Travel With Children: Bring the Adventure of Flying Closer to Your Children

As there are many new impressions at the airport and on the aircraft, especially if they are flying for the first time, it is best to explain to them in advance what to expect. Show them pictures and videos of what planes look like from the inside. You can also show them the entire Austrian Airlines fleet and give them a virtual 360° tour.

2. Tip for Air Travel With Children: Choose a Window Seat

To spend our time at the airport comfortably and above all without stress, I organised our boarding passes via online check-in 47 hours before departure.

To make sure that the children also see what happens outside the flight cabin, we booked a window seat. The two boys sat by the window and in the middle, I had the aisle seat and their dad made himself comfortable in the row behind us. This way, we could all have a good conversation and could share the experience with each other.

Window view
View of travel and hand luggage at Vienna Airport

3. Tip for Air Travel With Children: The Right Hand Luggage

We decided to take a small backpack for each of the children as hand luggage. The backpack was filled with toys, a colouring book and, of course, their favourite cuddly toy. The backpack was always within reach under the front seat during the flight.

4. Tip for Air Travel With Children: The Right Luggage

Invest in a good suitcase with four wheels so that it is easy to pull and guide. Stable models allow children to sit on the suitcase and be pushed.

5. Tip for Air Travel With Children: Bypass Waiting Times at the Airport

Just before boarding the plane, let your children run along the aisle again so they can let off steam. If you are flying from Gate F at Vienna Airport, you should also stop by the Family Fun Gate. Here, a world of adventure for children awaits you with slides, a climbing wall and foam snakes.

6. Tip for Air Travel With Children: Aids for Take-Off

Make sure you pack a piece of chewing gum and give it to your children shortly before the start. By chewing, they will automatically equalise the pressure - without any pain.

Children at Vienna Airport
Children watch children's film on iPad

7. Tip for Air Travel With Children: Entertainment on Board

After we got to our seats on the plane, our children were surprised with colouring books, a puzzle and gummy bears from the flight attendants.

We also downloaded some short films and their favourite shows onto our tablet before departure to keep the little ones distracted above the clouds.

8. Tip for Air Travel With Children: Snacks for Flying

Although we know that there are also snacks on board, we packed additional snacks and gummy bears for our children. After the security check, we filled an empty water bottle with water and the two boys were completely happy on the plane.

Children playing with toy cars on the plane
Child looks out of the aeroplane window

9. Tip for Air Travel With Children: Children Remain Children

Every now and then it happens that children become restless or cry. In this case, it helps to get up briefly with the little ones and move around. Keep calm and don't let other passengers stress you out. Distract your children and play some games with them, for example, "I spy with my little eye".

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Thank you for the numerous and above all helpful tips, dear Sabrina! You can read more about the trip to Paris on her blog Starlights in the Kitchen. You obviously enjoyed your flight to the French capital, and we hope to see you on board again soon. As for your next holiday - find the best flight connections right here:

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