The Best Tips and Destinations for Solo Travels

The Best Tips and Destinations for Solo Trips | Editor: Florian Lieke

Solo travels become more and more popular. Read on to find out what you need to consider and which destinations are particularly suitable.

Off to new adventures: solo travels!
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New Adventure: Solo Travel

Always wanted to go to Tokyo, but haven't found anyone else who is equally attracted to the city? Are you dreaming of a weekend in Venice, but nobody has time? More and more travel enthusiasts are not deterred by such things and simply book their ticket for themselves. Solo trips are a wonderful adventure where you can decide what to do at any time. We will now reveal how you can turn a solo trip into an unforgettable experience and which destinations are particularly suitable.

6 tips for a successful solo travel

6 Tips for a Successful Solo Travel

1. Choosing the Right Destination

The first solo trip does not have to take you halfway around the world. Neighbouring countries and other European destinations are also very suitable for the first solo adventure. Thus, you can test if the travel trend appeals to you.

2. Preparation for the Solo Trip

Preparation is the essence! Inform yourself about the destination, visa requirements, cultures and appropriate clothing before departure to avoid any faux pas and disappointments.

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3. Group Tours for Solo Travellers

If you have had enough of exploring your destination on your own in the meantime, you can also simply book a sightseeing tour or an excursion. In this case, you will immediately be a part of a group and can make new acquaintances.

4. Mobile Phone: Your Best Friend on Solo Travels

Your phone is your best friend on solo trips. It's your guide, boarding pass, camera, connection to home and much more. So, take good care of it!

Female solo traveller in Paris

5. Uncompromising Planning of the Solo Travel

No compromises! If you are travelling on your own, you can do exactly what you enjoy doing. If you notice that a destination or a programme point of your solo trip does not suit to you, just move on. You don't have to pay attention to anybody!

6. Light Luggage for the Solo Travel

Travelling with light luggage not only saves effort and sweat, but you also benefit from low-cost hand luggage tariffs. Of course, it is your choice whether to grab a backpack or fancy trolley.

Our top 5 destinations for solo travels

Our Top 5 Destinations for Single Travellers

1. England

The endless green landscapes of England will make your heart beat faster. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the well signposted walking trails in the Norfolk Broads National Park and the Peak District. But also the countless small towns, such as Chester, Alnwick and Sheffield, as well as the big cities, such as London, Manchester or Liverpool, are worth a trip to the Emerald Isle. Renting a car is the ideal way to explore the country from London or Manchester, but you can also rely on buses and trains!

Solo traveller in England
Female solo traveller in Berlin

2. Germany

The first solo travels are often fraught with uncertainty. You may ask yourself the question: do I actually like travelling by myself? Our recommendation: take small steps first. But which country is most suitable for a test? Of course, our neighbouring country Germany! Whether Berlin, Hamburg or Cologne - the German metropolises have a lot to offer and you can easily get in touch with people here - if you want to. However, the rural regions are also absolutely worth seeing and safe. Whether the Baltic Sea, Saxon Switzerland or Spreewald, there is a lot to discover in Germany.

3. Italy

A trip to Italy is always a good idea - even, or in particular for solo travellers! From the fashion metropolis of Milan to mystical Venice and historic Rome - in Italy, everyone will find what they are looking for and be happy. However, there is not just a lot to see here, but you will also come along excellent food and extremely sociable and open-hearted people. If you are looking for company, you will certainly find one while sipping an Aperol Spritz at the bar. So, what are you waiting for? Book your flight and experience "la dolce vita" up close.

Female solo traveller in Rome
Female solo traveller in Bangkok

4. Thailand

Those who want to travel further away will find many destinations in Asia that inspire solo travellers. Countries such as Thailand are ideal for a long-distance journey alone. Hospitable, eventful and with an excellent cuisine that will make it hard for you to leave it behind.

5. Canada

If you are looking for wide landscapes and nature in the distance, you will find it in Eastern Canada. You can plan two weeks for a solo round trip and experience many unforgettable sights from the famous Niagara Falls to Quebec City and impressive national parks. Especially the Indian Summer is an absolute highlight.

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