Top 10 Beaches in Sardinia

Top 10 Beaches in Sardinia | Editor: Florian Lieke

Sardinia is well-known for its beautiful and diverse beaches. In this article we show you the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia.

Porto Giunco Sardinia

1. Spiaggia di Porto Giunco

Our first beach tip leads us to the south of Sardinia and is about an one hour's drive away from Cagliari. The beach at Porto Giunco in Villasimius enchants with its spaciousness, a white to rose-coloured beach, crystal clear water and an extraordinary location. Embedded between the sea and a lagoon, Porto Giunco is a very special piece of Sardinia and is among the most beautiful beaches in Italy. Because of its length and width, you can easily find a spot to relax perfectly on the beach of Porto Giunco - even during the high season. The beach section in the south of Sardinia is also very suitable for families, as the beach is shallow, flat and has fine sand.

2. Spiaggia di Rena Majore

Crossing the island, our next beach tip takes us to the north of Sardinia. The beach of Rena Majore is one of the most northern beaches of Sardinia and impresses with big rocks, a mix of sand and stones as well as lively nature. The way to the beach is a bit steep, but free of bushes and in the end it will definitely pay off. Especially divers and snorkelers will get their money's worth at the beach of Rena Majore. Due to its rocks, infrastructure and depth, the beach is not really suitable for families.

3. Cala Gonone

Located in front of the peaks of Supramont, the second highest mountain range in Sardinia on the east coast of the island, you will find our next recommendation: the beach of Cala Gonone. Once you arrive there, you will soon feel like as if the beach is out of this world because of its breathtaking beauty. You can expect shining water, a coarse stony beach section, impressive grottos and beautiful limestone cliffs. In the evening, you can enjoy the sunset with a cocktail in your hand. Cala Gonone is particularly suitable for those who are looking for a little action besides their beach holidays. Diving, climbing, boating - this part of Sardinia has got a lot to offer.

Cala Gonone Sardinia

4. Spiaggia di Is Arutas

From south to north, from east to west. The beach of Is Arutas is located in the west of the island, is much calmer than most of the beaches in the south and east and has an exceptional sand: quartz sand. This is the reason why the beach is a real eye-catcher, as the sand glows in different colors when the sun is shining. On top of that, compared to the sandy beaches, the quartz sand is also extremely practical, as it certainly does not get into the eyes. The beach of Is Arutas is therefore suitable for those who are looking for tranquility, a unique beach and a paradisiacal atmosphere.

Cala Goloritze Sardinia

5. Cala Goloritze

Back in the east of the island, our next beach tip is primarily aimed at the more adventurous among you, as the beach of Cala Goloritze is not accessible by a simple path. You can only get there by a longer hike through scree and gravel paths. Therefore, Cala Goloritze is especially popular among active and hiking tourists and the path should only be conquered if you have suitable equipment and some experience. Once you arrive at the beach, you will feel like in paradise. Golden sand, azure blue water and pure nature. Those who want to experience Cala Goloritze unconditionally, but do not want to go hiking, can also reach the beach by boat.

6. Spiaggia di Porto Istana

It takes only 20 minutes by car from Olbia to reach the beach of Porto Istana. The beach in the northeast of the island is situated in a picturesque bay, surrounded by beautiful nature and bushes and has a fabulous panorama. The view from the beach is magnificent, with the opposite islands of Isola Tavolara, Isola Cavalli and Isola Piana in front of it. The beach is particularly popular with families and friends of water sports. Porto Istana offers a lot of entertainment and the vastness of the beach as well as the shallow access to the water speak for themselves. However, the beach is also very popular among other tourists and quite lively. Nevertheless, the vastness of the beach promises enough space for everyone.

7. Costa Rei

In the southeast of Sardinia you will find a true paradise for water rats. On the beach of Costa Rei, wind and kite surfers, but also divers and snorkelers get their money's worth. The location usually promises enough wind to ride the waves on the beach of Costa Rei. The crystal-clear water allows divers and snorkelers to enjoy a fabulous view of the marine world around Sardinia. But not only water sports enthusiasts are in good hands here, also sun worshippers and beach holidaymakers. The beach section is ideal for long walks and swimming in small bays. The proximity to the capital of the island is also an advantage. It only takes 50 kilometers from Cagliari to the beach.

Costa Rei Sardinia

8. Spiaggia di Chia

The beach of Chia is located in the very south of the island, not far from Cagliari and the bay of Costa Rei. The location also offers ideal conditions for surfing or sailing. Chia is the El Dorado for those who are looking for a romantic beach, which also offers enough variety and action. This section is also suitable for families, as the beach is sandy and shallow.

Porto La Pelosa Sardinia

9. Spiaggia di Porto La Pelosa

For our last two beaches we cross the island once again and take you to the north of Sardinia. The beach of La Pelosa in the northwest of the island is a popular motif on postcards. You will not find a typical sandy beach here, like at many other beaches on the island, but a mixture of slate rocks, grass, bushes and sand. Thus, the beach of La Pelosa has a very special panorama and the ambience can rather be described as scenic. The water is also crystal clear and turquoise blue and invites you to take a bath. Another highlight is the view of the opposite island of Asinara, a former prison.

10. Costa Paradiso

Our last beach recommendation is located up in the north of Sardinia, not far from Olbia and can be described as a real eyecatcher: Costa Paradiso. As the name already indicates, you will find a true paradise on the beach of Costa Paradiso. The sand here is fine, light and at some places even pink. The water is deep blue and you can even look down at the bottom of the sea. This part of the beach is perfect for long walks or just relaxing by the water. On a clear day you can even see the opposite island of Corsica. Therefore, the location of the beach is also perfect for an excursion to Bonifacio in Corsica or to get to know the Sardinian coastal town of Olbia better.

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