Our Top 7 Highlights in Larnaca

Our Top 7 Highlights in Larnaca | Editor: Florian Lieke

Larnaca is not yet on your bucket list? Well then, you should immediately change that! Why? Read on to find out!


7 Exciting Facts About Larnaca

  • Larnaca was once the capital of the Kingdom of Kition
  • The city is one of the oldest ones on the island - more than 6,000 years old
  • Larnaca has a population of around 75,000 residents (as of March 2021)
  • Larnaca is the fourth-largest city on the island and the third-largest city in Southern Cyprus
  • Larnaca International Airport is the largest and most important airport on the island
  • The average daily sunshine hours are 9.3 hours
  • The average annual temperature is 26.1 degrees Celsius
Flamingos at Larnaca Salt Lake

All Larnaca Highlights at a Glance

View of Larnaca beach

1. The Beaches of Larnaca

City and beach combined? This is not just possible in megacities, such as Tel Aviv or Barcelona, but also in Larnaca! During your holiday, you can choose between two beaches - Finikoudes Beach and Mackenzie Beach. Both beaches can be easily reached from the city centre and stand out for their spaciousness and golden-brown sand. Thus, they are suitable for a short relaxation during a city trip. However, the beaches are very popular and those looking for absolute tranquillity, solitude and idyll will probably search in vain. On the other hand, there is plenty on offer! At Finikoudes Beach, for example, you will find numerous beach clubs and bars, while Mackenzie Beach offers excellent possibilities for kitesurfing and windsurfing. So, you are spoilt for choice!

2. The Zenobia Wreck in Larnaca

Diving fans should certainly take note! The bay around Larnaca is just perfect for scuba diving. You can look forward to numerous unusual and fascinating sea creatures, such as scorpion fish, stingrays, turtles and groupers. But that's not all - countless treasures and wrecks from the past also await you in the depths of the sea. For example, the famous Zenobia wreck, a ferry that capsized in 1980 about 1,400 metres away from the port entrance of Larnaca. In the meantime, the wreck is a permanent feature of the sea and amazes many divers. You should definitely not miss out on it!


Tip: The 5 star scuba diving service providers Alpha Divers are the right address for you, if you want to explore the steel sarcophagus.

3. The Larnaca Salt Lake

Our next highlight is also quite watery - at least in winter. The Larnaca Salt Lake is an absolute sensation and fits picturesquely into its surroundings. While it dries out in summer and resembles a lunar landscape, the salt lake fills with water to a depth of up to one metre in winter. At this time, the lake also attracts countless pink flamingos, which ultimately complete the fascinating picture of the lake. With an area of more than two square kilometres, it is also the second largest salt lake in Cyprus and enjoys special protection. The lake is just perfect for a relaxing walk in a beautiful setting and is also a good starting point for our next highlight.

View of Larnaca Salt Lake

4. The Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque in Larnaca

Right next to the Larnaca Salt Lake, in the middle of a beautiful palm grove, you will find the Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque. It is one of the most important sanctuaries of Islam and has become a place of pilgrimage over many centuries. In the 7th century, the aunt of the Prophet Mohammed, Hala Sultan, died here and was buried on the spot. As a result, the mosque, as we know it today, was completed in 1816. Because of its importance, but also because of its unique location, the mosque is more than worth a visit!

View of the Church of St. Lazarus in Larnaca

5. The Church of Saint Lazarus in Larnaca

Cyprus is well-known for its Greek-Turkish history. This becomes clear once again, when we take a look at the switch from our fourth to our fifth highlight. We now switch from a mosque to a Greek Orthodox church. You should definitely not miss the Church of Saint Lazarus on a holiday or city trip to Larnaca. It is generally considered to be the most important sight in the city and has a long history. Its origins date back to the 9th century and the church is dedicated to Saint Lazarus. Furthermore, you can also admire some icons and relics in the Byzantine museum next door. Definitely recommended!

6. The Larnaca Medieval Castle

If you haven't had enough of historical buildings yet, you should certainly put the Larnaca Medival Castle on your list. The ruins of the former fortress are still very well preserved today and have an incomparable location right by the sea. Even though the origins have not been fully clarified to this day, you can learn a lot about the building and the city in the museum. In addition, wonderful treasures from bygone times await you here. And if you are looking for the best photo motif in the city, the castle is also the place to be.

7. The Cypriot Cuisine

Last but not least, what should not be missing? Of course, good food! The Cypriot cuisine is well-known for its numerous delicacies and highlights and has something to offer for every taste. And, of course, it is characterised by its numerous influences from a wide variety of cultures. You should definitely try dishes like kanelónia, egg dish with halloumi, lountza, an air-dried ham marinated in salt and red wine, or oktapodi krasato, octopus in red wine. But those with a sweet tooth can also look forward to culinary highlights, such as rice pudding with rose water or Cypriot apple pie.


Tip: Mboukia & Goulia or To Sieradiko serve Cypriot dishes and specialities in authentic surroundings.

Table with different dishes of Cypriot cuisine

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