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Travel Guide Lefkada | Editor: Florian Lieke

Lefkada, or Lefkas, stands for white beaches, excellent food and pure nature. We show you the best tips for your holidays on Lefkada!

Lefkada Bay

When Is the Best Time to Travel to Lefkada?

Lefkada, also known as Lefkas, is situated in the Ionian Sea just like the two islands of Corfu and Zakynthos. Therefore, the island is characterised by a typical Mediterranean climate. While in the summer months of June, July and August little rain and temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius are expected, you can usually await much less tourism and mild temperatures between 23 and 30 degrees Celsius before and after the season. Nature lovers, active holidaymakers and sightseeing fans are therefore best off in the months of April, May, September and October. On the other hand, those who long for a beach and bathing holiday should definitely consider June, July and August.

What Are the Must-Sees on Lefkada?

The Capital of the Island Lefkada Town

Picturesque alleys, charming cafés, rustic taverns, a beautiful harbour and a touch of fresh sea breeze - this is probably the best way to describe the compact capital of Lefkada in the north of the island. You should simply go with the flow and enjoy the ambience of the city. If you want to learn more about the history of the island and the numerous myths, legends and heroes of Greece, you should definitely visit the Archaeological Museum in the Cultural Centre of the city.

Lefkada Town

The Waterfall of Dimossari in Nydri

A few kilometres above the village of Nydri in the west of the island you will find our next highlight. The waterfall in the gorge of Dimossari is an outstanding spectacle and is embedded in beautiful and untouched nature. The water flows into a naturally formed basin, in which you can also swim, and finally flows into the sea. Nature lovers will definitely get their money's worth here and can also discover numerous species of animals.

Mountain village of Karya

The Mountain Village of Karya

In the heartland of Lefkada you will find the mountain village of Karya. The village is a popular excursion destination and captivates with its idyllic location surrounded by beautiful nature. However, Karya is not only known for its charm and picturesque alleys, but also for the traditional embroidery "Karsaniko". The textile technique is very special, complex and also quite unique in Greece. All pieces of art are still handmade and stand for real quality. If embroideries do not appeal to you, you can also fill your stomach with Greek specialities at one of the many taverns and simply enjoy the rural, peaceful and typical Greek ambience of the village.

The Most Southwestern Point of the Island Cape Doukato

At the very south of the island you will find our last highlight: Cape Doukato. The most southwestern point of the island offers a fabulous view of the open sea and the surrounding white rocks. Moreover, one of the few landmarks of the island is located here: the lighthouse of Doukato. The lighthouse reminds on the Greek god Apollo, to whom the Cape was consecrated. Even if there are no more remains of the temple of Apollo, the lighthouse stands emblematic for the history and significance of the Cape. Furthermore, the tower is also one of the most popular photo motifs of the island. Don't miss it!

Which Are the Most Beautiful Beaches on Lefkada?

Agios Nikitas Beach

Lefkada is often called the "white pearl of Greece". No wonder, as most beaches on Lefkada have white sand or pebbles and captivate with their unique beauty. Just like our first beach tip: The Agios Nikitas Beach. The beach section in the northwest of the island is small but nice. The picturesque bay is located in the village of the same name and is also popular among the locals. A good way to enjoy the turquoise blue water with a cool ouzo or water from the beach bar.

Porto Katsiki

Porto Katsiki is probably the most popular beach on the island. Those who visit the beach in the southwest of the island will also understand why: a breathtaking rocky landscape, a romantic atmosphere and location, light sand and shallow access to the turquoise blue water. We are certain - Porto Katsiki creates a surge of holiday feelings within everyone. Although the bay has no direct access to the road, it is easily reached by a stone staircase. The way down is already a highlight. The panorama, the sea breeze and the shining rocks are simply astonishing. However, the bay at the southwest is also very popular among other tourists and locals. Thus, you should arrive early enough to get a place.

Porto Katsiki

Egremni Beach

A stunning beach, water as clear as in the Caribbean and an unspoilt panorama. The Egremni Beach in the southwest is definitely one of the most extraordinary and beautiful beaches of Lefkada. While the bay was accessible by car and foot a few years ago, nowadays the beach can only be reached by boat. An earthquake destroyed the parking place as also the stairs down. But even if it is a little more complicated to get to the Egremni Beach, it is certainly worth the effort.

Milos Beach

Milos Beach

The Milos Beach in the northwest of the island is also quite difficult to reach, but one will also be rewarded with a paradisiacal beach and a wonderful view. The scenic bay is picturesquely situated in its surroundings, has fine sand and spreads a feeling of absolute tranquility. Hence, those who are looking for a beach with few crowds and a lot of idyll will be in good hands at Milos Beach. You can reach the bay either by a short walk from Agios Nikitas or by taxi boats. During the season, taxi boats head to the beach about every 30 minutes and tickets cost less than 10 Euros. When visiting the island, you should not miss Milos Beach!

Kathisma Beach

Our last beach tip in the west of the island is particularly suitable for families and a true paradise for children. The Kathisma Beach can be reached quickly and easily via serpentines and a lot of highlights and offers are waiting here. Water sports, entertainment programmes, a long beach section as well as a shallow entrance into the water. Above the bay, one finds several hotels and accommodations so that nothing stands in the way of a perfect and uncomplicated family holiday. Furthermore, there is also a huge range of activities and offers for adults. In the evenings, for example, one can excellently enjoy the sunset at one of the numerous beach bars with a glass of wine.

What Is an Active Holiday on Lefkada Like?

You are no sun worshipper or want to experience some action besides your beach holiday? Then Lefkada is the right place for you! The island does not just offer beautiful beaches but also numerous leisure activities. Especially kite- and windsurfers get their money's worth on Lefkada. In the more windy south of the island, such as on Vasiliki Beach, you can enjoy your hobby and choose between different providers. Divers and snorkelers are also in good hands on the island. Nikiana and Vasiliki Beach are especially popular. Because of the crystal clear water, you can dive up to a depth of about 20 meters.

Diver at the beach of Lefkada

You aim high and want to have a 360-degree view over the island? Well then, let's go to the highest mountain peak of the island! The Profitis Ilias Lefkada is located in the heartland and offers a wide view over the surrounding landscape and sea. You will also find the highest church of the island here, which adorns numerous Instagram pictures. So if you like hiking, you should not miss the Profitis Ilias Lefkada.

White beach on Lefkada

What Is the Ultimate Insider Tip for Lefkada?

Lefkada is beautiful, diverse and owns one thing above all: some of the most beautiful beaches, shores and bays in Greece. For this reason, we recommend exploring the island from the water. Many beaches, such as the aforementioned Milos Beach or Egremni Beach, can be partly and exclusively reached by boat and thus can be explored very well. If you want to completely circumnavigate the island, you should calculate about two to four days, rent a boat and just let yourself float. Like this, you can always stay at your favourite beaches in the afternoon, whereas you can enjoy the sunset on rough seas afterwards. There is no better way to enjoy your holidays like this. Highly recommended!

Flights to Lefkada With Austrian Airlines

Swimming, hiking, sailing, diving or just relaxing - Lefkada offers a huge variety of different activities. A holiday on the island in the Ionian Sea is something you will never forget. So what are you waiting for? Book your direct flight from Vienna right here and fly with Austrian Holidays to Lefkada.


PS: Are you looking for even more tips and information regarding Lefkada, Greece and the Ionian Islands? If so, be sure to check out the website of Visit Greece. Click here for more. #VisitGreece

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