Our Travel Guide for Your Maldives Holiday

Our Travel Guide for Your Maldives Holiday | Editor: Florian Lieke

Dream, relax, submerge: there is no better place to do this than on the beautiful beaches of the Maldives. Join us on our picture-perfect trip!

View of Maldives Atoll from the plane

7 Exciting Facts About the Maldives

  • The Maldives consist of 99% water
  • The entire area of the Maldives is roughly equal to the size of Portugal
  • The island state is home to more than 1,000 coral islands
  • The highest point of the nation is just over two metres above sea level
  • Thus, the Maldives is the flattest nation in the world
  • The average annual temperature is about 30 °C
  • The water temperature averages 28 °C
The Maldivian motto: no shoes, no news!

When Is the Best Time to Travel to the Maldives?

The Maldivian climate can be described as typically tropical. All year round, temperatures beyond 25 °C can be expected and the humidity is also very high. However, there are also months in which increased rainfall is to be expected. The rainy season in the Maldives usually starts in June and lasts until August. Thus, travelling at this time is not recommended, as the holiday can literally "fall through". Therefore, the perfect travel time to enjoy as little rainfall and as much sunshine as possible is from September to May.

View of the beach and the sea

Especially in the high season, during the months of November, December, January and February, you can expect the fewest rainy days. Those who prefer it calmer and cheaper, should consider the transitional months of September, April and May. At this time, the number of holidaymakers decreases significantly, but the weather can also become a little more changeable. Divers are particularly well-served in the winter months, surfers, on the other hand, in the transitional months.

View of the sea from Meeru

What Are the 7 Most Beautiful Islands and Beaches in the Maldives?

1. The Diverse Island: Meeru in Malé Atoll

Meeru in Malé Atoll should not be missing on our list of the most beautiful islands. It is one of the largest and most natural islands in the Maldives and boasts a wide and spacious beach, white sand and turquoise water. In addition, a wide range of water sports activities are available here and, besides sunbathing and relaxing, you can also go sailing, surfing or diving. One thing is for sure: no one will get bored here!

2. The Green Island: Kuredu in Lhaviyani Atoll

Green, greener, Kuredu. The island in Lhaviyani Atoll is one of the greenest islands in the Maldives and offers beautiful beaches and a wonderful fauna. Numerous palm trees, breadfruit trees and other exotic plant species await you here and complete the scenic overall picture of the island. In addition: if you like to go diving, especially to discover old shipwrecks, this is also the right place for you. There are two old wrecks in front of the atoll which are well-preserved and can be perfectly explored during the dive.

3. The Diver's Island: Huvahendhoo in Ari Atoll

The Maldives are not just a true paradise for relaxing, but also a dream location for all snorkellers and divers. Among connoisseurs, the Ari Atoll is particularly recommended. Here, you will come across hard and soft corals in all imaginable colours, enormous fish stocks and various species of rays and sharks. Basically, smaller resorts or hotel islands are recommended for divers. Snorkellers should make sure to choose an island with a good house reef. For example, Huvahendhoo Island, which provides optimal conditions for exploring the diverse underwater world of the Maldives.

Snorkellers in the sea

4. The Romantic Island: Eriyadu in Malé Atoll

Are you longing for intimacy, absolute relaxation and tranquillity in a dreamlike setting? Then Eriyadu Island in Malé Atoll is just the place for you! Eriyadu is one of the smaller and lonely islands that promise plenty of peace, idyll and romance. On less than one square kilometre, you will hardly meet any other people and occasionally you can even enjoy the island completely to yourself. A dream come true for all lovers of romance!

View of boat in the sea around Maayafushi

5. The Family Island: Maayafushi in Ari Atoll

Are you travelling with children? Then Maayafushi in the Ari Atoll is certainly the right adress for you. On the one hand, you don't have to worry about shoes here, because on the famous "barefoot island" there is a strict rule that no shoes are to be worn. On the other hand, you don't have to worry about the sea on this island. The beaches here fall particularly shallow into the water and it only gets deep at a few spots. Thus, your children can splash around in the sea without worrying, while you can relax on the white sandy beach. And if the kids get bored, there are countless water sport activities on offer. Sounds good, doesn't it?

6. The Luxury Island: Baros in North Malé Atoll

It is well-known that the Maldives are not necessarily one of the cheapest holiday destinations. However, if you don't have to pay attention to money and if you enjoy luxury and glamour, Baros Island in the North Malé Atoll is the place to be. Here, sumptuous bungalows with whirlpools, countless spa offers and an unique service await you. One further advantage: the island is close to the capital Malé and you can quickly pay a visit to the most vibrant city in the Maldives.

7. The Island With the Long Beach: Kanifushi in Lhaviyani Atoll

Those who enjoy extensive walks on the beach will look in vain at some of the Maldivian islands. The islands are known for their offering of relaxation and scuba diving. However, there are also some islands that have a longer beach section and thus offer a chance to stroll along the shore in a relaxed manner. For example, the island of Kanifushi in Lhaviyani Atoll. Here, the white sandy beach extends for several hundred metres and you can take a leisurely stroll or go for a morning or evening run.

View of Kanifushi Beach
View of the undersea restaurant Ithaa

What Should You Not Miss in the Maldives?

Those who like it particularly unique, should visit the famous undersea restaurant "Ithaa" on Rangali, Ari Atoll. In unique surroundings, you can enjoy the underwater world of the Maldives and taste culinary delicacies at the same time.


Recommended: If you want to dine among corals and shoals of fish, you should book a table at least 14 days in advance! By the way, if you want to, you can also spend the night here for about $10,000. In this case, the restaurant will be refurnished into a private underwater suite. An unforgettable experience!

All Islands at a Glance

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