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Travel Guide Mallorca | Editor: Florian Lieke

With our travel guide for Mallorca, we show you that the Balearic island has much more to offer than just the party beach of El Arenal!

Old Town Mallorca

When Is the Best Time to Travel to Mallorca?

Due to its location in the western Mediterranean sea, the climate of Mallorca can be regarded as typically Mediterranean. Therefore, the summer months are often hot, while winter is rather mild. Thus, the island is suitable as a holiday destination almost all year round. But those who are looking for a beach holiday with a pleasant sea temperature and little rainfall, we clearly recommend the summer months July, August and September. If you prefer a more peaceful time with less heat, autumn is perfect to discover the island. You can still expect slightly summery temperatures and also less tourism. Perfect to escape from your daily routine.

Which Are the Most Beautiful Places of Mallorca?

Many people associate Mallorca with the notorious party beaches of El Arenal and Platja de Palma. Anyone who has ever been on the island and checked out other parts of Mallorca knows that the island has so much more to offer than this. Its capital Palma fascinates with picturesque alleys, interesting city history and architectural masterpieces. Hiking enthusiasts also get their money's worth on Mallorca. Especially the west and north of Mallorca have a lot to offer for them. We highly recommend a tour across the mountains of Valldemossa, along the mountain peak Puig de Galatzó or along the coastal path from Deià to Port de Sóller.

Valldemossa Mallorca
Cala Figuera Mallorca

Those who decide to take the coastal path should also plan to spend some time at the Port de Sóller. The harbour captivates by its dreamlike panorama and the many boats. In the east of the island you will find one thing above all: picturesque beaches and beautiful nature. Particularly recommendable are the two towns Portocolom and Portopetro. The fishing villages not only promise a lot of peace and tranquillity, but also polarise with fresh and delicious fish. In the south of the island, on the other hand, party lovers will find their fortune. Platja de Palma and El Arenal are among the most famous party mekkas of Mallorca and offer numerous bars, clubs and pubs. However, you can also find secret spots in the south with fantastic beaches, peace and idyll. As for instance at the beach of Faro Ses Salines or Es Caragol.

Which Are the Most Beautiful Beaches of Mallorca?

Cala Figuera Mallorca

There are beautiful beaches on Mallorca just like sand on the beach. But our first beach in the north of the island is a very special tip: Cala Figuera. The bay and shore in Cala Figuera impress by a unique scenery, stone cliffs, wild nature, a clean as well as fine sand, turquoise blue water and above all by a low level of tourism. So if you like it more quiet and idyllic, Cala Figuera is the perfect place for you. But be careful: not to be confused with the beach in the southeast of the island!

Cala Figuera Mallorca

Es Trenc Mallorca

The beach section of Es Trenc in the south of the island is clearly more vibrant. Vacationers can expect a white sand shore, crystal clear water, fantastic dunes - but also numerous other vacationers. But there is still enough space at the beautiful beach of Es Trenc. In total, the beach section extends to approximately six kilometres and even friends of nudism will find their luck on various sections of the beach. Those who want to go further to the capital will need less than one hour by car from Es Trenc.

Platja de Muro Mallorca

Platja de Muro Mallorca

At Platja de Muro in the north-east of Mallorca, one soon gets the feeling of being in the South Pacific: endless beaches, turquoise-blue and crystal clear water as well as fine and light sand. At Platja de Muro, holiday feelings are practically preprogrammed. But not only sun worshippers get their money's worth here, also those who love adventure and action are in good hands at this beach section. Playing volleyball, jet skiing, diving and snorkeling - there are plenty of activities for everyone at Platja de Muro. And also in the evening, the atmosphere is particularly appealing. At the numerous beach bars and cafés you can enjoy the sunset with a drink in your hand as well as the beautiful sound of the sea.

Cala Llombards Mallorca

Our last beach tip is located in the southeast of the island: Cala Llombards. Contrary to the beach of Es Trenc or Platja de Muro, one can expect a lot more tranquility at this beach. Cala Llombards is also quite popular among the local people due to the flat access, the rocky panorama and the clean water. Therefore, those who are looking for a quiet, idyllic and original beach will be in good hands here. But don't worry - there are also a few beach bars and pubs as well, so you can enjoy a cool drink with your feet in the water.

Which Are the 3 Most Important Must-Sees in Palma?

1. Palma Cathedral

The Palma Cathedral is both the symbol of the island and the capital Palma. The building has a height of approximately 80 metres and a width of more than 100 metres, thus, the cathedral looks accordingly colossal when standing in front of it. Those who want to see the landmark from the inside, should definitely visit it in the early morning hours as many visitors can be expected in the afternoon. Our tip: from the roof terrace of the cathedral one has got the best view over the sea and city - but keep in mind that you will have to pay an extra fee.

Palma Cathedral Mallorca

2. Castell de Bellver Palma

High above Palma, another of the city's landmarks is enthroned and also offers a fabulous view over Palma and the surrounding area: Castell de Bellver. The castle can be reached by bus, bike or foot and does not just offer a beautiful courtyard and breathtaking roof terrace, but also an exhibition on the city's history. Moreover, the castle is absolutely unique in Europe - it is the only circular castle!

Royal Palace of La Almudaina Mallorca

3. Royal Palace of La Almudaina Palma

Right next to the Palma Cathedral you will also find our third and last highlight: The Royal Palace of La Almudaina. From a distance, one can already recognise that the arquitecture rather reminds of an Arabian building than a Spanish palace. The origin of the building goes far back into the past, the style as also the arquitecture can be explained by the Arabian occupation at that time. Even today, the palace is still subject to the Spanish royal house and is oftenly used for various state visits, in particular the gothic salon. Nevertheless, some parts of the palace can be visited, such as the inner courtyard.

What Food Is Mallorca Famous For?

Similar to the rest of the country, you will find plenty of fresh vegetables, fish and meat on Mallorca. From tapas to seafood and lamb, a wide variety of Spanish cuisine awaits you here. But there are also some dishes that are specifically Majorcan. For example the famous pamboli, bread with oil, tomatoes, garlic and salt, which is mainly eaten as a starter or snack. Soups and stews are also very popular, such as sopa mallorquin, a hearty stew with bread and vegetables, optionally with meat or seafood. Those who have a sweet tooth will also get their money's worth on Mallorca. The famous Majorcan almond cake torro, for example, is an absolute must-try for dessert lovers.

Seafood in Majorcan restaurant

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