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Travel Guide Rhodes | Editor: Florian Lieke

It is no secret that Rhodes is one of the most beautiful and popular islands in Greece. Why? This is what we will show you below.

View to the sea of Rhodes

When Is the Best Time to Visit Rhodes?

Rhodes is one of the sunniest places in Europe with more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year. Therefore, you can usually count on a dry and mild climate all year round. Especially during the months from May to September it hardly ever rains and the temperature of the sea is also very pleasant. Bathing and beach holidaymakers are in good hands at this time of the year, just like on Zakynthos, Kos or Skiathos. But you can also enjoy the island during the low season and especially in spring and autumn. In contrast to many other European destinations, temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius and few rainy days await you here. Perfect to escape the everyday life or to discover the island without too many tourists.

All Rhodes Highlights at a Glance

Which Are the 3 Most Beautiful Places on Rhodes?

1. The Dream Place on Rhodes: Lindos

The pearl of Rhodes, dream city by the sea or jewel of the island - for many people one thing is clear: Lindos is the most beautiful place on Rhodes. Whether on postcards, Instagram or Pinterest - the coastal town of Lindos is practically the showpiece of Rhodes. No wonder, as the city captivates with picturesque alleys, a fantastic beach, the Acropolis of Rhodes and a wonderful view over the landscape and the sea. If you are standing on the beach of Lindos, looking up the mountain and enjoying the fantastic panorama, you will quickly understand the general affection for this place. As Lindos and the surrounding area also offer numerous beaches, you should plan a little more time and discover the many facets of the town in peace and quiet.

View of Lindos from the sea

2. The Diverse Place on Rhodes: Rhodes City

Do you prefer cities that are maritime, historic and vibrant at the same time? Cities with that certain something? Then Rhodes City is just the right place for you! Let yourself be carried away by the pulse of the city, stroll through the picturesque alleys and visit historical buildings such as the Old City Wall, the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes or Rhodes Owl Fountain. In the northernmost city of the island, no one will get bored for sure. And also in the evening the city is in full bloom and you can have a drink or two in the old town as well as on the beach.

View of the archaeological excavation site of Kamiros

3. The Historical Place on Rhodes: Kamiros

If you like time travels, the historical city of Kamiros is the perfect place for you. The history of the coastal town dates back several thousand years and is marked by the two earthquakes in the 1st and 2nd century. While the city was one of the most important cities on Rhodes before the destruction, it lost its importance after the second earthquake and was not rebuilt. The ruins were completely excavated a few decades ago and can be visited by the public since then. Today, the site is also one of the most important and vivid examples of Hellenistic urban complexes.

Which are the 3 most important must-sees on Rhodes?

1. The Thermal Baths of Kallithea

Our first must-see leads us to the north of the island. The thermal baths of Kallithea were built around 1920 and are in oriental style. Although the complex was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, it was rebuilt and restored afterwards. Even though the thermal springs are no longer in use, the complex is definitely worth a visit. On top of that, the direct access to the sea definitely completes the Kalithea experience.

2. The Acropolis of Rhodes

It is probably the most famous landmark of the island and towers high above the beautiful city of Lindos: the Acropolis of Rhodes. The area writes thousands of years of history and even goes back to the Neolithic Age. It was not until the beginning of the 20th century that the Acropolis was uncovered and partially reconstructed. Today, you feel like being taken back in time and can enjoy a fabulous view of the surrounding area, Lindos and the sea. The ruins of the Emperor's Temple, the Temple of Psythiros and the Ancient Theatre should not be missed during a visit.

The Acropolis of Rhodes

3. The castle of Kritinia

Our last highlight can also look back on a long history: The Castle of Kritinia. The castle was built in the 15th century and can be found in the west of the island. Embedded in the wild and unspoilt nature of the landscape, the castle is a real feast for the eyes. The way up to the castle is a bit steep, but you can look forward to a fabulous view. The open view of the sea, the beautiful surrounding nature and on good days even the view of the opposite island of Chalki are simply astonishing. Thus, make sure not to miss out the castle during your holiday!

Which Are the 3 Most Beautiful Beaches on Rhodes?

St. Paul's Bay on Rhodes

1. The Family Beach: St. Paul's Bay

In the east of the island you will find our first beach tip: St. Paul's Bay. It is only a few metres away from Lindos and the Acropolis. Here you can expect fine sand, turquoise blue and shallow water and an indescribable panorama with a view of the open sea and the Acropolis. Because of the good accessibility, the proximity to Lindos and also because of the shallow water access, St. Paul's Bay is ideal for families with children or for non-swimmers. Furthermore, the clear and shallow water creates the best conditions for snorkellers, who can discover a lot around St. Paul's Bay.

2. The Diverse City Beach: Elli Beach

The northernmost beach of the island, Elli Beach, is above all one thing: absolutely diverse! The beach of Rhodes City promises lots of action, fun and entertainment. The pebble beach, which is about 700 metres long, leaves nothing to be desired: Whether high diving, scuba diving, boating, water sports or beach volleyball - everyone will find what they are looking for. Especially for young and active people, but also for families, the beach is simply perfect. The proximity to the city promises quick access to the water as well as to various restaurants, taverns or bars. But if you are looking for more peace and idyll, you are better off at our next beach.

3. The Extraordinary Beach: Prasonisi Beach

Not just on Corfu but also on Rhodes you will come across a butterfly bay. The Prasonisi Beach is the counterpart of the Elli Beach and the most southern beach of the island. In contrast to the other beaches, you will find a wide sandbank here, which connects the mainland with the Prasonisi peninsula. Except for a few days in winter, the peninsula can be passed all year round and invites you to take long walks. In addition, Prasonisi Beach always shows a certain amount of wind, thus providing ideal conditions for wind and kite surfers. Especially in spring and autumn the bay is a true surfers' paradise.

Prasonisi Beach on Rhodes
The seven springs on Rhodes

What Can Nature Lovers in Rhodes Expect?

Not only the beaches on Rhodes are dreamlike, but also the rest of the nature. Nature lovers can look forward to a lot of greenery and numerous waterfalls both on the coasts and in the heartland. Particularly remarkable: the Valley of the Butterflies in the north and the seven springs in the east of the island. During the summer months, you will meet thousands of butterflies in the picturesque valley, some of which are only visible at a second glance. On hot summer days, on the other hand, you can look forward to some cooling off at the seven springs. The forest path passes seven water springs, which finally flow into a lake and thus form the grand finale of your route. Definitely worthwhile!

Which Culinary Highlights Should Not Be Missed on Rhodes?

As in the rest of the country, seafood, lamb, feta cheese, honey and fresh vegetables dominate the island's cuisine. In numerous taverns and restaurants, especially in the heartland, you can easily try the traditional cuisine of the island and enjoy classic dishes. But also wine lovers will definitely get their money's worth on Rhodes. An excursion to the wine village Embonas is particularly recommended. Here you will meet various wine growers who produce excellent wine and are happy to invite you to a wine tasting. From red to white - no wish remains unfulfilled here.

Grapes from Rhodes

Recommendation: Make sure to stop by the oldest winery on the island, Kounaki Wines, and try the different grapes of the wine grower.

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Are you looking for a multifaceted, yet relaxed holiday destination? Then Rhodes is just the right destination for you! Get ready for lots of sun, beautiful beaches, picturesque places and finest culinary delights! You can book your flights to Rhodes right here. So, what are you waiting for?

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