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Soon the time will come, and the long-awaited vacation is just around the corner. Especially with a toddler, the checklist is often very long. Today our colleague Doris gives you an insight into her luggage, or rather the baggage of her son Felix.


Servus, my name is Doris Marie, and I have been a permanent fixture at Austrian Airlines since 2005. In a few weeks, we are finally going on vacation. This year we have chosen the Greek island of Karpathos.

We are already looking forward to countless fantastic beaches, sun, and good Greek food. But before it can really start, I have to work off my to-do list properly. You always feel like taking the whole household with you, with a toddler. Today, I will show you what is packed in the suitcase of our son, what we do without, and what must not be missing in any case.

Doris, is there a particular reason why you chose the island of Karpathos?

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Before we had our son, we had been to Karpathos several times. We know the island very well and were always thrilled. The ideal prerequisite for exploring the island with your little one. Felix will soon be 3, and because of the Corona situation, he could not take so many flights yet. So it was clear for us, a short flight time, a manageable island, and a hotel directly on the beach. The flight times are also very convenient for us, we leave in the afternoon, and the return flight takes place in the morning.

Has the little man ever flown?
felix ap fin
inf fin

Yes, last year we flew with Austrian Airlines to the island of Crete. At that time, Felix was not yet 2 years old, and it was necessary to book him as an infant. Children under 2 do not have their own seat but sit with an extra belt with a parent. The crew hands over an extra seat belt and explains how to buckle the child very well.

What all goes into the suitcase from the young man?


Felix now has his own seat and, therefore, the right to his own luggage. We are very happy about that because we will gain some space. In the suitcase, of course, comes a bunch of laundry for the little one. Towels for the beach always take a lot of space in the luggage. Here I take hammam towels with me. These can be folded wonderfully, very small, dry quickly, and still very large and light. In addition, I recommend a UV protection suit for the beach to take. What absolutely must not be missing are small toys and travel books that take up little space.

I learned to buy diapers, sand toys, and an air mattress at the location from the last trip. So we save a lot of space and the purchased things we give to the next vacationers on the beach.

Do you have any tips on making the journey by plane more comfortable for Felix?


Weeks before departure, we read a lot of books about airplanes. In everyday life, we always explain to him that we have to stay strapped in during the flight and that mom and dad wear a mask. We also don't have to worry about the travel provisions because we booked a vacation flight with Austrian, including food and drinks. Stuffed animals and crayons are also available on board so that the 2.5 hours of flight time also fly by for the little ones. We use the Fast Lane at the airport itself for families to quickly pass through security. When boarding, families with children are boarded first, which is really very pleasant, and the little one has the opportunity to watch the loading from the plane.

Austrian Airlines Online Check-in

To avoid long queues at the check-in counter, we use online check-in. This is very easy and convenient from home or on the road, and we can go directly to the baggage drop or departure gate at the airport. The Austrian Airlines online check-in usually opens 47 hours before the scheduled departure from and to Vienna.

And what goes in the hand luggage?
ks quer

child car seat

This year it was very important for us to take our own child seat for the rental car because we were not so satisfied with the local offer on the last vacation. Meanwhile, there are great models that you can take with you in your hand luggage and then at the destination can be inflated very quickly, for example. With Felix in particular, the unfamiliar seat was always a bit of a struggle on vacation. I am pretty relaxed because he already knows his travel seat and could get used to it well this year.

Strollers and baby carriages

Of course, a travel buggy should not be missing. It is possible to keep a foldable stroller or buggy under ten kilograms at most airports until shortly before boarding. We drive up to the boarding gate, hand it in and get the stroller back right after disembarking at the aircraft door or the transfer bus. The ground staff at the departure gate will see that the stroller or buggy is loaded correctly.


I always have a nasal spray with me should once the ears really hurt because of the pressure of the flight. Also, a water bottle is handy, and a Tupperware with cookies and fruit. For example, I also use these on-site to transport fruit to the beach.


On vacation with Austrian Airlines

Dear Doris dear Felix, thank you very much for the lovely interview.

If you feel like visiting the island of Karpathos, take a look at our blog or book your next trip right here.

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