Travel Tips for Your Holiday on Karpathos

Travel Tips for Your Holiday on Karpathos | Editor: Florian Lieke

Karpathos belongs to the small but splendid islands of Greece. Hereafter, we will show you why a holiday on the island is quite special!


When Is the Best Time to Travel to Karpathos?

The Greek island of Karpathos shows mild to hot temperatures throughout the whole year. Beach holidaymakers are particularly well-served on the island during the season from May to September. Both outside temperatures and water temperatures rise and there are few rainy days. But even in September and October pleasant temperatures can still be expected and tourism is also slowly declining. In March and April, the island blossoms and nature lovers get their money's worth. The low season also attracts many surfers, as ideal wind conditions can be expected at this time of the year.

Fa├žade on Karpathos
People on the beach of Karpathos

For Whom Is Karpathos Suitable?

Due to the countless beautiful beaches on Karpathos, the island is perfect for a beach holiday. Many of these beaches allow shallow access to the water and are directly adjacent to hotels and accommodations. Therefore, the island is ideal for families with children. Those who are interested in history and culture will certainly not be disappointed in places like Olympos or Pigadia. But also water sports enthusiasts get their money's worth in Karpathos. Especially in the low season and when the wind is right, the island is a real paradise for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Divers and snorkelers, on the other hand, are in good hands during the summer months and can perfectly explore the marine world around Karpathos.

Which Are the Most Beautiful Beaches on Karpathos?

Diakoftis Beach Karpathos

Our first beach tip leads us to the southwest of the island, not far from the airport and the capital of Pigadia. The beach of Diakoftis impresses with white sand and crystal clear water. Due to the shallow access to the water, the beach is especially popular among families with children. But Diakoftis Beach is also suitable for all other beach holidaymakers. Due to its spaciousness, everyone can find a quiet and sunny spot and can look forward to long walks along the water.

Apella Beach Karpathos

Apella Beach in the west is a popular, if not the most popular photo motif of the island. No wonder, as you come across a picturesque bay, a narrow valley, a dreamlike beach section and azure blue water. Ancient folk songs already refer to the beauty of the bay and show that Apella Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. At the end, the Apella Beach experience is surpassed by the arrival. The beach can only be reached by steep serpentines or by boat, but the way there is breathtaking and extremely attractive. Divers and snorkellers are also in good hands at Apella Beach because of the clear water and the huge variety.

Apella Beach Karpathos

Kyra Panagia Beach Karpathos

Embedded between imposing rocks and wild nature, you will find our next beach tip on the east coast of Karpathos: Kyra Panagia Beach. The bay is one of the most special beaches of the island, as you will find a mix of sand and pebbles, an incomparable panorama as well as a lot of idyll here. Those who prefer a more peaceful atmosphere are also in good hands here. Above the beach, there is a small chapel with a red roof giving the beach its name. From top of the chapel, you have got the best view over the whole bay and can decide where you would like to place your sunbeds and towels down at the beach.

Damatria Beach Karpathos

Damatria Beach Karpathos

Our last tip leads us to the southeast of the island. The Damatria Beach is, just like the Diakoftis Beach, only a few kilometres away from the capital of the island. When you arrive at the beach, a picturesque bay, a white beach and turquoise and green water await you. Compared to the rest of the island, the water here is rather calm and therefore also suitable for families. However, the beach is one of the more peaceful parts of the island, so little entertainment is offered here. Nevertheless, there are a few tavernas and bars, so you can enjoy delicious snacks and cool drinks in a tranquil setting.

Which Are the 3 Must-See Places on Karpathos?

The Capital of the Island Pigadia

You love the mix of city and beach? You are looking for picturesque alleys combined with maritime flair? Then you are in good hands in the capital of the island, Pigadia, also called Karpathos Town. When you arrive, the typical white houses on the beach will immediately catch your eye and blend in perfectly with the Mediterranean surroundings. In the narrow alleys you will find numerous tavernas, bars and souvenir shops. A landmark of the town, which you should definitely not miss, is the colourfully painted fishing boat, which is embedded in a white staircase next to the restaurant Anemoussa. A picture of you in the boat is obligatory after a holiday on Karpathos. If you want to have a view over the city and the beach, you should visit the Panormitis church above Pigadia. From here, you have a fabulous view over the surrounding area.

The Mountain Village of Olympos

When thinking of Karpathos, one usually has a concrete image in mind: the fairytale mountain village of Olympos. Here you will find colourful houses, close together, embedded in a mountainside. Olympos is one of the oldest mountain villages in Greece and tradition is still very important here. Most women wear traditional costumes, craftsmanship is as important as ever and donkeys and mules still transport the heavy load through the alleys. Anyone travelling to Olympos will feel taken back in time and will quickly be able to relive the history of the village. Our tip: make sure to try the traditional Makarounes in Olympos. These are made from durum wheat semolina and are served with roasted onions and grated cheese.

The Mountain Village of Olympos

The Fishing Village of Lefkos

The fishing village of Lefkos also convinces with direct access to the beach, lots of nature and a beautiful bay. The beach around the fishing village is often compared to Porto Katsiki on Lefkada - and rightly so. So if you want to stroll through a quaint village and relax on the beach at the same time, Lefkos is just the right place for you. However, the beach is very popular during the season and attracts many tourists. Anyhow, a stroll through the village and along the beach should not be missing on your bucket list and is especially attractive in the evening and at sunset.

Flights to Karpathos With Austrian Airlines

Discover the beautiful beaches of the island, get to know the traditional Greece in the mountain village of Olympos or take a photo on the colourful painted boat in Pigadia. Karpathos is the perfect holiday resort to escape from the daily routine. Book your flight with Austrian Airlines right here:

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