On a Virtual Tour Through Vienna

Virtual tour through Vienna | Editor: Florian Lieke

If you can't come to Vienna right now, Vienna will come to you. We take you on our virtual tour to some of the most beautiful sights in the Austrian capital.


Let's Go on a Virtual Tour Through Vienna

We are already taking numerous measures to ensure the greatest possible protection on board our aircraft, for many people a "real" trip is still unimaginable. However, the desire to travel remains. For this reason, we would like to take you with us on a journey through our home town Vienna and introduce you to some sights that you can currently explore virtually. So, let's go!

View from St. Stephen's Cathedral

All Vienna Highlights at a Glance

View of the Gloriette above Schönbrunn Palace

Vienna's Tourist Attraction No. 1: Schönbrunn Palace

Our tour starts where Empress Elisabeth stayed during her lifetime: in Schönbrunn Palace. The palace is one of the most popular sights of Vienna and is located in the 13th district of Vienna, Hietzing. The history of today's area goes back to the 17th century and even today, you can discover a lot here. So, avoid queuing and follow the traces of Empress Sis(s)i virtually.


Click here for a virtual tour through Schönbrunn Palace.

Vienna's Tourist Attraction No. 2: Belvedere

The next highlight of our tour continues with splendour: the Belvedere Palace. Here, too, the history dates back to the 18th century. Between 1714 and 1723 the castle and estate were built for Prince Eugene of Savoy and are now open to the public. But not just the castle garden is worth a visit, the Austrian Gallery Belvedere is also worthwhile. Here, you will find numerous works of art by famous artists such as Gustav Klimt or Egon Schiele. Thus, you should definitely stop over at the art museum on your virtual trip through Vienna. Let's see if you will find Gustav Klimt's masterpiece "The Kiss".


Click here for a virtual tour through the Belvedere Palace.

View of the Belvedere
View of the Haus des Meeres

Vienna's Tourist Attraction No. 3: Haus des Meeres

The façade of our next highlight may appear less magnificent at first, but the interior is no less impressive. The "Haus des Meeres" (English: House of the Sea) in Vienna's 6th district, Mariahilf, is one of the three well-known zoos in Vienna. The former flak tower from the Second World War was transformed into a zoo mainly consisting of aquariums for marine life in the 1950s and houses more than 10,000 animals today. Thanks to livestreams and videos, you can now discover and explore the incredible animal diversity of the sea virtually.


Click here for the link to the livestreams and videos.

Vienna's Tourist Attraction No. 4: Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

Only one underground station away from the "Haus des Meeres", you will find our next attraction: The Kunsthistorisches Museum (English "Art-History Museum"). Anyone who has ever been to Vienna knows that the area around the museum is already more than just impressive. Together with the opposite building of the Natural History Museum, the two museums create a clear unity and amaze you again and again. But so does the exhibition within the museum. From the Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities to the Picture Gallery and the Kunstkammer, numerous highlights await you here.


Click here for a virtual tour.

View of the Kunsthistorisches Museum
View of the Vienna State Opera

Vienna's Tourist Attraction No. 5: Vienna State Opera

Who does not know the beautiful Vienna State Opera? It is one of the most famous opera houses in the world and has been the venue for numerous world-class operas for more than 100 years. But the State Opera House is also known for the famous Vienna Opera Ball, which is followed year after year by millions of spectators worldwide. And who hasn't dreamed of being on the floor of this magnificent building? But now you don't have to dream any more, you can go on a relaxed tour of discovery from home.


1, 2, 3... by waltz step you can directly go to the virtual tour of the Vienna State Opera.

Vienna's Tourist Attraction No. 6: Austrian National Library

From the Vienna State Opera, you can waltz on to our next sight, which is only a few steps away. The Austrian National Library is just as magnificent as the previous buildings and you will certainly feel as if you have been taken to a completely different world. Especially the Ceremonial Hall impresses with its unique beauty and baroque flair. But also the Papyrus Museum, Globe Museum, Esperanto Museum and the Literature Museum are more than worth seeing.


Immerse yourself virtually in the rooms of the Austrian National Library.

View of the Austrian National Library
View of the Vienna Hofburg

Vienna's Tourist Attraction No. 7: Hofburg

As we leave the Austrian National Library we are right at our next highlight: the Vienna Hofburg. The Hofburg has a long history and was the main residence of the Hapsburgs in Vienna from the 13th century to 1918. The entire area covers around 24 hectares and is the largest non-religious building complex in Europe. So, let yourself drift away virtually and enjoy a walk through one of the most magnificent quarters in the world.


You can start your virtual tour through the Hofburg right here.

Vienna's Tourist Attraction No. 8: Burgtheater

We walk through the Volksgarten to reach our next highlight, the Burgtheater (literally "Castle Theater"). Again, you will come across a lot of history. The original location of the Burgtheater was on Michaelerplatz, where the Michaelertrakt of the Hofburg is located today. Since 1888, however, the building has been located directly on the Vienna Ring Road and is still one of the most important stages in Europe. So, go inside the theatre and let the flair of the building take effect on you.


Click here for the virtual tour through the Burgtheater.

View of the Vienna Burgtheater
View of the main building of the University of Vienna

Vienna's Tourist Attraction No. 9: Main Building of the University of Vienna

Only a few minutes' walk from the Burgtheater, we come across our last attraction: the University of Vienna. It is easy to see that the main building of the University of Vienna is not only one of the oldest but also one of the most beautiful university buildings in the world. But it's not just the exterior façade that is impressive, the interior of the university is astonishing as well. Magnificent lecture rooms, a majestic arcade courtyard or a fantastic library. Studying is definitely fun here. But convince yourself!


Take a virtual stroll through the main building of the University of Vienna.

Discover Vienna With Austrian Airlines

We hope that you enjoyed our sightseeing tour and that you were able to get some nice impressions. If you still haven't had enough of the city, you should make a side trip to the Vienna Ring Road. Some of our sights and additional highlights await you here. But the most beautiful way to explore a city, is still in real life. That's why we are looking forward to welcoming you on board again soon and say goodbye with a heartfelt "Servus" and "Baba"!

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