What Flying Means to the Austrian Crew

What Flying Means to the Austrian Crew | Editor: Florian Lieke

As for our Austrian crew, flying is not just "flying". Flying has a much greater meaning for them. What exactly, that is what they reveal to us below.

Austrian Airlines Purser I Natascha

Natascha (Purser I)

... taking off for new goals, despite any harsh landing!
Flight attendant Selina

Selina (Flight attendant)

... to be free - 'here and now' above the clouds!
Austrian Airlines Purser I Marvin

Marvin (Purser I)

... the best way of travelling!
Austrian Airlines Purser I Barbara

Barbara (Purser I)

... opening doors not only to the world but also to the people’s hearts!
Austrian Airlines Purser I Doris

Doris (Purser I)

... hospitality at the highest level for our guests!
Flight attendant Carina

Carina (Flight attendant)

... to take care of our passengers with a smile on my face - even under the mask!
Flight attendant Shanel

Shanel (Flight attendant)

... knowing that as a host I can turn every simple flight into a genuine travel experience!
Austrian Airlines Purser I Iris

Iris (Purser I)

... to take responsibility. A privilege that makes me very proud!
Flight attendant Tanja

Tanja (Flight attendant)

... freedom, joy and lightness!
Austrian Airlines Purser I Christian

Christian (Purser II)

... overcoming barriers and enabling mobility - even in hard, unusual times!
Austrian Airlines Boeing 777 (B777) in the air

And What Does Flying Mean to You?

The fact that flying plays a significant role in the lives of our flight attendants has been made clear to us once again. For our crew, flying is not just a job, for our crew, flying is a passion.

Many thanks to our great and distinctive crew members! Now, of course, we would like to know what flying means to you. Feel free to tell us on Facebook or Instagram. If you can't wait for your next air travel, book your next flight with Austrian Airlines right here:

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