Where dreams come true: the Maldives

Dream. Dine. Dive. And where can you possibly do all that and more better than on the dream-like beaches of the Maldives? I n the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives atolls make dreams come true: surrounded by turquoise, crystal-clear water, they offer sparkling white sandy beaches and endless peace and tranquillity. So how do you fancy a holiday that could have come from the pages of a picture book?


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“No news, no shoes”

No news, no shoes. That sums up the lifestyle the Maldives is famous for. The islands are a place to just lean back and relax your soul, feet in the fine, cool sand, and sun on your face. Nowhere else on Earth could you design quite so wonderful a time recovering from everyday life as on these dreamily beautiful islands at the heart of the Indian Ocean. This is especially true for holidaymakers who find the turquoise waters and white coral beaches on the Maldives the perfect conditions for just being, and enjoying the most delicious time out.


Glorious seclusion, a Robinson Crusoe feeling, endless expanse and silence surrounded by deep blue ocean… the precious ingredients that serve to make the Maldives experience so very special, and truly one of a kind. The white sandy beaches also boast one particularly agreeable feature: the beaches here never get hot, no matter how baking hot the sun is, because they’re actually made of coral sand! One of the most popular activities here are “island walking tours”, which don’t take longer than 30 minutes on most of the islands.

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The luxury segment has grown particularly quickly here in recent years, and one in four of the 100 or so hotels on the islands now specialises in top-end luxury, where visitors can look forward to beautifully furnished bungalows with a private pool and spa. And the islands’ bungalows on stilts in the sea – each with their personal access to the water – are legendary, of course!

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Those of you who like your fine dining truly unique should try out the famous underwater restaurant ‘Itaah’ on Rangali, Ari Atoll. Tip: If you want to dine here, in amongst the coral and shoals of colourful fishes, you should be sure to reserve 14 days in advance ! And those who really want to do it in style can even stay the night here for a cool $ 10,000 a night: the whole restaurant can be transformed into a private unfurnished underwater suite.


The Maldives are not just a true paradise for relaxation, of course, but also a paradise for those who love snorkelling and scuba diving! Connoisseurs will tell you that the Ari Atoll is particularly worth a visit – both for snorkelers and for divers. You’ll find hard and soft coral of every imaginable colour here, vast shoals of fish, and a wide range of different types of rays and sharks. In principle: divers are recommended to head for smaller resorts and hotel islands. Snorkelers should be especially sure to opt for a hotel island with a good reef nearby.

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Begun dreaming already? ; ) Then live your dream!

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