Winter Holiday on Lanzarote: Our Tips and Recommendations

As temperatures start to fall, many of us start dreaming of summer all over again! And with the right destination, you really can escape the cold in the winter months. In today’s blog story, we reveal a hot insider tip in the Atlantic Ocean, and show you why a winter holiday on Lanzarote really is so enjoyable…


Mild winters

Lanzarote simply doesn’t do winter in the same way as we do elsewhere in Europe. Even in the colder winter months, temperatures this far south rarely fall below 16°C, while you can enjoy the sunshine at an average of 23°C during the day. The sea is also lovely and warm, so you can swim in the crystal-clear water.

If you want to (at the very least) dip your toes in the Atlantic or enjoy a relaxing walk by the sea, you’ll be inspired by the island’s wide variety of different types of beaches . A third of the beaches on Lanzarote give you light sand blown straight in from the Sahara , a third is made up of pebbles or rocks , while the third type will impress you thanks to their black volcanic sand.

The most enjoyable beaches on the island include Playas del Papagayo, Caletón Blanco and Playa del Golfo. Families will feel particularly well looked-after at Playa Dorada , more adventurous types will love Los Charcones , while those who love long walks might want to head for Playa Salinas de Janubio.

Lanzarote Playa del Papagayo

Playa del Papagayo

Relax during low season

The Spanish holiday paradise can be packed in the summer months, of course, but low season (and particularly the winter months ) can often be the most relaxing and affordable time to explore Lanzarote. Hotel prices are far lower than in high season, and you won’t need to reserve in advance at your favourite restaurant either.

One thing’s for sure: even in winter, the numerous richly contrasting sides of Lanzarote show their very best side, and the island’s beautiful and abstract lunar landscapes charm visitors and locals alike.

Lanzarote Vulkanlandschaft im Nationalpark Timanfaya

Volcanic landscapes in Timanfaya National Park

Lanzarote Winter10

A sporting winter holiday on Lanzarote

That mild winter and agreeable temperatures make Lanzarote perfect for outdoor sports enthusiasts and active holidaymakers.

Hiking on Lanzarote

If you want to explore the impressive volcanic landscapes of Timanfaya National Park , joining a guided hiking tour is always a good first move. The island’s rocky coast also offers a wide variety of different hiking tours. To find out about other hikes on Lanzarote, click here.

Timanfaya Nationalpark Lanzarote

Hikers will find various routes through the volcanic landscapes in Timanfaya National Park.

Lanzarote Winter9

Of course, hikes at sunrise or sunset are also wonderful.

Mountain biking on Lanzarote

If you love the idea of exploring the local area by bike but don’t fancy being soaked in sweat after the first few metres, Lanzarote in Winter is the place for you. Whether you’re looking for simple round-trips or demanding cross-country routes , you’ll find the island truly inspiring. For a great place to rent mountain bikes for longer tours, check out Lanzarote Cycling . If you’d prefer to take your own sports equipment with you from home, then continue reading for further details of transporting sports baggage in the cargo hold.

Lanzarote Mountainbiken

Surfing on Lanzarote

Lanzarote also offers amazing waves during the winter months. Surfers of every level will find perfect wind and wave conditions along a range of different stretches of coast around the island.

One genuine paradise is the sleepy seaside town of Famara , where you’ll find German-speaking surfing and kitesurfing school Clandestino. The school’s camps and courses, which last several days and are organised regularly by Natalie and Jon, are especially popular.

Other surfing hotspots can be found at La Santa, Orzola, Punta de las Mujeres and San Juan.

Lanzarote surfen
Lanzarote Winter8

If you can’t wait until winter for that well-served break, meanwhile, check out our autumn city trips in the meantime – or just click here to book the flights that work with your life and start looking forward to your warm Lanzarote winter right now!

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