Working as an Austrian Flight Attendant FAQs

Working as an Austrian Flight Attendant FAQs | Editor: Florian Lieke

Which requirements do you have to fulfill as an Austrian Airlines flight attendant and how does the daily working routine look like?

What is the main task of a flight attendant?
Austrian Flight Attendant serving in Business Class

Main Tasks of Austrian Airlines Flight Attendants

Christian Unterberger (Head of Cabin Crew Recruiting):

A flight attendant takes care of the well-being of our passengers on board every day, trying to create extraordinary moments "above the clouds". On the other hand, a flight attendant is responsible for the safety of our passengers, hence the intensive flight safety training. Due to the fact that our guests often have very different needs, it is not only necessary to have good service training, but also to constantly immerse oneself in our customers - of course even during the training!

Which requirements are necessary?

Requirements for the Job as a Flight Attendant at Austrian Airlines

Marion Lueger-Kittler (Head of Cabin Crew Recruiting):

In terms of soft skills, the requirements are very high. Due to irregular working hours and frequently very long assignments, good resilience is required. The international working environment offers a good platform for the application of different language skills. As in any profession, a good sense of humour is always an advantage.

Which types of employment are being offered?

Types of Employment at Austrian Airlines

Christian Unterberger (Head of Cabin Crew Recruiting):

On the one hand, a permanent full-time position with an eight-month probationary period from the start of training. On the other hand Study & Fly: An interesting model for students (but not only students) with a total of six full months of service per year and six months off. A fixed contract for three years, while the training takes place at April/May or May/June.

Austrian Airlines flight attendant serving in Premium Economy Class
How does the application procedure look like?

Application Procedure at Austrian Airlines

Christian Unterberger (Head of Cabin Crew Recruiting):

Every applicant goes through a multilevel assessment center. Starting with an interview in a pleasant atmosphere, also to relieve the nervousness, the process continues with a company presentation focussing on customer experience, followed by role playing and structured interviews. Finally, an elevator speech is given by the candidate.

Flight attendants represent Austrian Airlines to the public every day - how important is the appearance?

Appearance as an Austrian Airlines Flight Attendant

Marion Lueger-Kittler (Head of Cabin Crew Recruiting):

A neat and well-groomed appearance is never a disadvantage, but we are looking for excellent service providers who transform customers into fans and not Austria's Next Topmodel.

Which advice do you have for the application?

Tips for Your Application at Austrian Airlines

Christian Unterberger (Head of Cabin Crew Recruiting):

Keep calm and above all remain authentic. Nothing is revealed more quickly than a superimposed smile, if the eyes do not laugh along. We are aware that the Assessment Center can cause nervousness and stress, but we recognize real enthusiasm among applicants due to years of experience. If the applicants can win us over, they will also win our customers over.

What are the characteristics of a good flight attendant?
Austrian Airlines Crew in cabin

The Characteristics of Austrian Airlines Flight Attendants

Marion Lueger-Kittler (Head of Cabin Crew Recruiting):

A convincing, friendly appearance and the noticeable identification with the company. We don't just want our new colleagues to work for Austrian, we want them to convey the spirit of our airline to the outside world. The embodied team spirit is particularly important for every formation as a crew. Crew members quickly develop a familiar relationship with each other and stick together on every flight. Every passenger can sense whether a crew is harmonious. This harmony and the shared fun at work is quite often transferred to our guests.

Do you also have exceptional application situations every now and then?

Exceptional Application Situations at Austrian Airlines

Christian Unterberger (Head of Cabin Crew Recruiting):

Yes, definitely! But these remain our secret.

More information about our jobs can be found here.

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