Privacy Policy,

Correct as at: 5h of November 2021


Austrian Airlines AG would like to use the following Privacy Policy to clarify to users of the website which personal data are processed therein.

To make the text more readable, this Privacy Policy does not use gender-specific differentiation (whether a user is male/female, for example). In the spirit of equal treatment, it is self-evident that the terms in question shall always apply to both genders.


In the text below, Austrian Airlines AG (Office Park 2, Postbox 100, 1300 Wien-Flughafen, Österreich; also referred to as “We” or “Us” in the text) informs you about the processing of your personal data, and data collection generally within the bounds of using the website.

If you have any questions about data protection connected with the website beyond this, please contact our Data Protection Officer using the contact details specified in Point 13, “Rights of Data Subjects”.

Data Subjects

The Data Subjects, to whom this Privacy Policy applies, are natural parties using the website.

Security is the Top Priority

The motto of Austrian Airlines AG is “Security is the Top Priority”. This motto also applies, of course, to the way in which general, but especially personal, data are handled at our company.

You entrust us with a great deal of your personal data, whether this be in the course of a flight booking, at check-in, or when subscribing to our Newsletter. It is very important to us that your personal data are handled with the greatest of care, and your personal privacy protected. Data protection is factored in at all times in all our business processes.

By using the website, you are declaring that you consent to this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy applies to the presence of this website and all sub-websites of Austrian Airlines AG. The sites in this web presence could contain links to other providers outside Austrian Airlines AG not covered by this Data Protection Declaration. Austrian Airlines AG accepts no liability for the content of other websites or providers. Please note it is possible that other Data Protection Provisions will apply when you leave this web presence.

Purposes of the Website

The website serves to provide you with the online services of Austrian Airlines AG more conveniently. These services include:

  • Performing flight searches,
  • registering for the Newsletter,
  • taking up offers from the Lufthansa Groupand our partner companies (companies with which Austrian Airlines cooperates), to enable us to provide you with other offers.

If you register for the Newsletter via, we process the following personal data of yours:

  • First name, family name,
  • E-mail address.

We only process your personal data to the extent necessary to enable you to use

Electronic Communication

Provided you have granted your consent, you will receive information, offers, customer satisfaction surveys and newsletters, including partner companies, focussing on the subject of travel, from Austrian Airlines AG, by e-mail, SMS, Messenger services and telephone.

Forwarding of Personal Data to Third Parties

The personal data transmitted by you are transmitted to third parties (operating airlines, airports, etc. for example), exclusively for the fulfilment of contractual obligations.

The transmission of personal data to domestic or foreign courts, authorities or other official state institutions takes place exclusively within the bounds of the legal provisions.

Legitimate Interests

In the event that we process your data in our legitimate interest in addition to the purposes named above, this means the following:

  • For the assertion, defence or enforcement of legal claims,
  • for the transparency and redevelopment of business processes subject to compliance with the specified storage times.

Use of Cookies

A so-called “browser cookie” is a small text file which a web server (the web server of, for example) sends to your browser when you visit a website. Cookies do not represent a risk for your computer in principle, as they are only text modules, and not executable programs. If the file is saved, this enables our web server to recognise your computer. On later visits, and when switching between functions requiring you to enter a password, you can use the cookie to spare yourself the need to make repeated entries. In this way, cookies make it easier for you to use websites requiring user entries. Although our offers can in principle also be used without cookies, we cannot guarantee error-free functioning. You can set your browser in such a way that your consent must be obtained before a cookie is used, or the storage of cookies on your computer is denied in general.

Our cookies are deleted 730 days after your visit at the latest. By using this website, you are declaring that you consent to data collected about you being used. We use cookies to recognise the preferences of our website visitors and optimise the way our sites are designed.

We use the following cookies:

To retrieve an overview of the browser cookies used, the function and the service providers deployed, click here. By using this website, you are stating that you consent to data collected about you being used.

On some websites, content and services from other providers (Adition, Google, Facebook and Zanox, for example) are incorporated which are themselves capable of using cookies and active components. We have no influence over the processing of personal data by these providers. To find out more about how your data are handled, please see the internet sites of the respective providers.

To find Facebook’s Data Protection Declaration, click here.

To find Google’s Data Protection Declaration, click here.

We offer you the opportunity to exclude yourself from aggregation and analysis for online marketing purposes. If you would like to perform this exclusion, or wish to change your private settings, click here.

If you also visit our site using other devices or web browsers, you must perform this exclusion again on the device or web browser in question. To delete browser cookies already saved, you can open the links below to retrieve instructions for your browser:

Use of Web Analysis Tool

Adobe Analytics

We use Adobe Analytics, of the Adobe Online Marketing Cloud, to host web data and information (“Data”). Adobe is an “ASP” (Application Service Provider) which provides a service named Adobe Analytics to track and analyse customer websites. We use it to analyse visits to our website, with the aim of understanding the needs of our customers and continually improving the website and mobile app on this basis of this information. The data collected are not associated with a specific person. Only anonymous, aggregated data are evaluated, for statistical purposes within the bounds of the web analysis.

To deactivate collection of data by the Adobe Online Marketing Suite, please click here. You will be directed to a possibly non-accessible site. Take care. Be careful.

Data Security

Austrian Airlines AG uses technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data from accidental or deliberate manipulation, loss or destruction, and from attacks by unauthorised persons. Data security is an ongoing process for Austrian Airlines AG, ensuring the technical and organisational measures correspond to the state-of-the-art of the technology. The employees of Austrian Airlines AG are also trained in the fields of data security and data protection, and are subject to organisational measures for secure data processing.

Rights of Data Subjects

At Austrian Airlines AG, we attach great importance to designing our data processing procedures in such a way that they are clear and transparent. For this reason, it is not only important that our customers can revoke their consent, but also that they can exercise their following rights:

  • Right of access
  • Right to rectification of personal data
  • Right to erasure
  • Right to restriction of processing
  • Right to data portability
  • Right to object

The request for information is to be submitted in writing using the web form together with proof of identity (a scan or copy of an official photographic ID). You can also send postal requests for information to the following address:

Austrian Airlines AG
Rechtsbüro – Datenschutz
Office Park 2
Postbox 100
1300 Wien-Flughafen.

If you have a concern relating to data protection law, please contact the data protection officer of our company by post by writing to the address given above, or by filling out our web form.

In addition to this, you have the right to contact the Data Protection Authority, the supervisory authority responsible, with your complaint. The address of the data protection authority with responsibility for Austrian Airlines AG is:

Österreichische Datenschutzbehörde
Wickenburggasse 8
1080 Wien

Tel: +43 (0) 52 152 – 0


This Privacy Policy applies merely to the processing of personal data within the bounds of using the website. Other websites, especially websites of third parties, are not covered by this Privacy Policy. If you leave the website, please refer to the validity of the relevant data protection provisions in place there.