Safe Travel With Austrian Airlines

Your next flight is imminent and you want to travel as safely and carefree as possible? Our step-by-step instructions show you how:

When Booking the Flight

While Packing the Suitcase

At the Check-in

During the Airport Transfer

At Vienna International Airport

During Boarding

During the Flight

After the Flight


Our system automatically assigns passengers to seats with the most possible distant spacing (depending on the occupancy rate). However, it is still possible to choose any preferences for seating during web check-in (e.g. as far in the front as possible, etc.).

The original regulation of the Lufthansa Group Airlines to keep the neighbouring seat free in Economy and Premium Economy Class is no longer applicable, as there is sufficient health protection by wearing FFP2 masks.

The airline association IATA has also spoken out against keeping middle seats empty in aircraft. Instead, passengers should wear FFP2 masks during the flight as a measure to reduce the risk of infection.

Due to the current occupancy factors, however, seats should be distributed as widely as possible throughout the cabin.

A negative Covid-19 test result is not required by the airline, but instead depends on the entry regulations of the authorities at the destinations concerned.
Make sure that you have all the necessary documentation (incl. a Covid-19 test result) to hand at the start of your journey for your entire trip (all the transfer locations and your destination country). Depending on the official regulations, the airline can refuse carriage if a passenger does not meet the entry regulations for the transfer/destination country. You will find all the latest information about entry regulations for your destination here.

At Austrian Airlines, there will be no change in the hand baggage regulations according to current information. To facilitate handling, we ask our passengers to check in their hand baggage free of charge.

Since September 29, 2020 the Austrian Business Lounge in the Schengen area of Terminal 3 is open again.

The entire airport/terminal area is available for use, including all catering facilities that are already open. The waiting areas at the gates can also be used to wait for departure

The guidelines for food production are compliant with the legal hygiene protocols.

The Business Class Service remains mostly unchanged. Only service components have been adapted to protect our customers and our crew.

We have introduced a FFP2 mask requirement onboard our aircraft for the duration of the entire flight (exceptions: medical reasons and children under 6 years of age). From September 1, 2020 an exemption from the obligation to wear a FFP2 mask during the flight for medical reasons will only be possible if a medical certificate is presented on a form provided by the airline. The medical certificate can be downloaded here.

This also applies to all other airlines in the Lufthansa Group. Austrian Airlines is thus following the official regulations of numerous European countries in which the wearing of a FFP2 mask in public is now mandatory.

Due to the current Corona Ordinance of the Austrian Federal Government, masks in the form of an FFP2 mask are compulsory during your journey with Austrian Airlines until further notice. Higher classified masks can be worn in any case as long as they do not have a valve.

Please note that visors or all masks with a valve are not permitted. They do not provide comparable protection. Children under 6 years of age are still exempt from the mask requirement. If you cannot wear a FFP2 mask for health reasons, you must have a Covid-19 negative test (PCR test) and a current medical certificate using the Austrian Airlines form. The PCR test must not have been taken more than 48 hours before the scheduled departure time

Face shields may not be worn on our flights as a replacement for a FFP2 mask, as they only catch the droplets that are expelled directly forward and allow the breath to escape on the side. They, therefore, do not represent comparable protection.

We ask our passengers to bring their own FFP2 masks.

Vienna Airport is open. You can find further information here.